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Virgin Holidays Complaints


The two weeks we take for our summer holiday each year are precious to us all. So naturally, if things don’t go as planned you may be thinking of making a Virgin Holidays Complaint.

The Travel Team at Simpson Millar are experts in obtaining holiday compensation for holidaymakers who have experienced an accident or Illness Abroad on holiday. However, the team also regularly provide advice to holidaymakers who are pursuing Virgin Holidays Complaints.

Virgin Holidays are one of the many Tour Operators providing package holidays to consumers in the UK. It’s a fact of life that all businesses will receive complaints about their services and we know that many holidaymakers are frequently frustrated by the way their Virgin Holidays Complaint is dealt with.

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Virgin Holidays Complaints – Best Practice

Immediately inform a Virgin Holidays representative about your problem if you are in resort or at the first opportunity as soon as you return home. Please note if you can complain whilst on your holiday you are in a much stronger position than if you leave it until you get home. Once you have raised the issue with your holiday rep make sure that you complete a report form and keep a copy of it which will set out the basis of your complaint.

If you subsequently decide to pursue a Holiday Compensation Claim against Virgin Holidays for an accident or illness you have suffered then it is important that the Virgin Holidays report form was completed at the earliest opportunity. The form will provide good evidence and show that you have acted reasonably towards Virgin Holidays.

For complaints of a less serious nature that do not involve illness or injury it is advisable that you follow the suggested procedure found in the Virgin Holidays Terms & Conditions. They advise that you should telephone, email or write to the Customer Relations Department at Virgin Holidays within 28 days of your return to the UK.

If your Virgin Holidays Complaint does involve an element of illness and injury on a Virgin Holidays package then you are strongly advised to contact the Travel Team at Simpson Millar who will be able to advise you about making a Holiday Compensation Claim. We say this as without proper advice on the true value of your claim you may be offered a much lower figure by Virgin Holidays so always get advice before accepting any offers or vouchers.

How to make a Personal Injury Claim against Virgin Holidays

You should seek advice from our expert team of travel lawyers if you have had the misfortune of suffering an accident or illness whilst on your holiday. We recommend that you do this before contacting Virgin Holidays.

Holiday Hotel Watch

If you have already complained directly to Virgin Holidays then be wary about the forms that they will send to you and request that you complete. The forms are designed to trip you up and make it harder for you to claim holiday compensation.

The paperwork involved in making a holiday compensation claim against Virgin Holidays can be very daunting. Contact our expert travel lawyers for assistance. Our lawyers will be able to provide advice and make the whole process much easier for you.

I have received an unsatisfactory response from Virgin Holidays

Many customers are quite often disappointed with the response that they receive from the Tour Operator.

If you feel that your Virgin Holidays Complaint is being ignored or marginalised by Virgin Holidays then there are several courses of action open to you. If your letters, emails or telephone calls are not being dealt with satisfactorily by the customer relations department then start contacting senior members of the Virgin Holidays hierarchy. Their details are available on Virgin’s website.

An alternative course of action is to complain to ABTA, the travel industry’s governing body, and use there arbitration scheme. Virgin Holidays are a member of ABTA and this method of complaining provides a simple and inexpensive method of resolving the dispute. Full details of the process can be found on the ABTA website. There is also the option of proceeding through the small claims court.

If you have issues with the airline then contact the Civil Aviation Authority.

How do I claim against Virgin Holidays?

The Package Travel Regulations 1992 allow holidaymakers to sue in the UK providing the holiday was booked as a package.

The regulations hold Virgin Holidays responsible for the actions of their suppliers which include operators of aircraft, buses and coaches, excursions and hotels.

If you have suffered an accident or illness whilst on a package Virgin Holiday then contact our Travel team today for free advice on pursuing a Holiday Compensation Claim.

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