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Tour Operator Holiday Compensation Voucher

We can accept your claim on a 'No Win No Fee' basis!

Simpson Millar’s experienced team of Travel Lawyers can provide you with free advice if you have received a Holiday Compensation Voucher from your Tour Operator following an illness or accident abroad.

Holiday Compensation Voucher

The first thing that many holidaymakers do when they return to the UK following a nightmare holiday is to make a Tour Operator Complaint.

The Tour Operator often responds saying that the illness was caused by ‘other factors’ such as the change in climate, too much alcohol or excessive sunbathing. They will also state that the accident was not caused by their negligence and therefore they are not responsible.

However, the Tour Operator may also offer you a Holiday Voucher as ‘compensation’ or as a ‘goodwill gesture’ for the problems that you have encountered on holiday.

The Holiday Voucher will likely be for a standard amount such as £250 or £500 and would be put towards the cost of your next holiday. It may be possible to negotiate a larger amount depending on the arguments you put forward to the Tour Operator, but the final value of the Holiday Voucher will almost certainly be under £1,000.

Example Compensation Vouchers:

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Do I accept the Voucher?

Illnesses and accidents that occur whilst on holiday can have serious long lasting consequences and you have to ask yourself whether the Holiday Voucher would adequately compensate you for the loss you have suffered.

Quite often the answer to this question is, No.

As well as claiming compensation for the pain and suffering for your injuries you can also claim back a proportion of the holiday cost for the part of the holiday that was ruined by the illness or accident. You can also claim compensation for loss of enjoyment of the holiday and ‘out of pocket expenses’ such as loss of earnings.

If you do accept the Holiday Voucher then it is likely that you will be unable to claim any further compensation from the Tour Operator. If you accepted a Holiday Voucher for £500 and then later discovered that your holiday illness symptoms or holiday accident injuries were worth £5,000 then you would not be able to claim any more compensation from the Tour Operator.

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What should I do?

Simpson Millar solicitors can provide you with free advice regarding any Holiday Voucher you have received from your Tour Operator.

Our experienced Holiday Compensation Claims Lawyers can take on your claim if we think that the Holiday Voucher isn’t enough compensation for the problems you have experienced. We will deal with the Tour Operator directly and take away all the stress and worry that the claim process can sometimes cause.

We will fund the claim on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. We don’t take anything away from your compensation and we will sort out our costs directly with the Tour Operator.

Contact us today and see if you are able to make a Holiday Compensation Claim.

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