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Tour Operator Customer Legal Departments


Following an Holiday Accident or Holiday Illness it is common for holiday makers to email or write in to the Customer Relations department of their tour operator to warn them about the problem that caused your injury.

Many are surprised to find that they receive a response from the tour operator’s “Customer Legal Department” instead.

If you have been contacted by a Customer Legal Department, we suggest that you take legal advice before corresponding further with your tour operator.

Why have you been contacted by your travel company’s Customer Legal Department?

If you have received an acknowledgement letter from the Tui Customer Legal Department or Thomas Cook Customer Legal Department it is probably because they are treating your letter as a claim for compensation.

Customer legal departments of tour operators will usually employ trained staff to deal with your claim. They are trained to deal with processes and procedures such as making sure your claim is registered properly.

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Is the Tour Company’s Legal Department treating me fairly?

Customer Legal Department

In our experience, if you are dealing directly with a Customer Legal Department without the involvement of a solicitor, the chances are the tour operator will never admit liability and you will be offered well below what you are entitled to in terms of compensation.

A typical example is of someone being offered about £300 or £500 for salmonella contracted on holiday. Salmonella is a type of food poisoning and if you contracted it at an all-inclusive hotel, £500 may just about cover compensation for loss of enjoyment.

£500 will not cover you for all the other compensation such as a refund of the costs of the holiday and compensation for the pain and suffering you have had to endure.

Which Tour Operators have Customer Legal Departments

Customer Legal Departments will usually be based at one of the head offices of the tour operator that you have written to. The main two tour operators are Thomas Cook and Tui who also incorporate their associated brands. They are not always called Customer Legal Departments either. Here are some of the names that they may go by:

  • Tui Customer Legal
  • Tui Legal Services Department
  • Tui Legal Department
  • First Choice Customer Legal Department
  • Thomson Customer Legal Services
  • Thomas Cook Legal Services
  • Thomas Cook Customer Legal
  • Thomas Cook Claims Department

Thomas Cook also includes various brands so you might have been contacted by Airtours Customer Legal, Sunset Legal Services or even Club 18-30 Legal Services.

Customer Legal Department Forms

If the tour operator thinks that you want to make a claim, you may have been asked to complete one of their forms.

One that Thomas Cook use is their “Claims Illness Questionnaire” or “Thomas Cook Customer Legal Questionnaire”. If you do decide to complete these forms without taking legal advice, we would urge you to veer on the side of caution.

They will often ask questions about food you may have consumed outside the hotel before you were ill. It doesn’t take too much lateral thinking to realise that the questionnaires may be used against you should Thomas Cook attempt to defend what they perceive to be a claim.

How can we Help You?

Simpson Millar has a team of Travel Lawyers that help people make claims against tour operators.

Their team of travel lawyers have people that have actually held senior positions in the customer legal departments for Thomas Cook, First Choice and Tui.

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We are happy to give free legal advice to anyone that has been contacted by the legal services department of any tour operator. If we think you have a good claim we would be more than willing to represent you.

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