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Thomson Holidays Complaints


Each year during the months August to October, Simpson Millar Holiday Lawyers receive increased calls from holidaymakers that have had their holidays ruined through no fault of their own.

Often your complaints are due to a failure by your UK Tour Operator, such as Thomson Holidays. A common Thomson Holidays Complaint we have seen is that they did not exercise the correct standards of health and safety during your holiday resulting in a Holiday Illness or Holiday Accident.

How do I make a Thomson Holidays Complaint?

It is important that you register your Thomson Holidays Complaint as soon as possible so you have a clear record of what happened.

If you have problems with the hotel, you need make sure you complain to your Thomson Holidays Rep, as well as the hotel staff, in order to ensure matters are dealt with as soon as possible.

You need to keep a written record of your Thopmson Holidays Complaint and make sure you fill in a Thomson Holidays complaint form; these can be obtained from your Thomson Holiday Rep. The complaint form must be handed back to your Holiday Rep prior to you leaving the holiday destination. This is particularly important if you suffered an accident or injury on holiday. You must make sure you keep a copy of the Thomson Holidays complaint form.

Often tour operators make their consumers write in to them when they are back in the UK, so you may need to write to Thomson Holidays enclosing a copy of the complaint form.

It is advisable to write in to your tour operator within 28 days of your return from your holiday destination.

Freephone: 0808 145 1353 or fill in the enquiry form above.

What if my Thomson Holidays complaint involves an Accident or Illness abroad?

If you have had an injury on holiday or suffered food poisoning at your hotel, it is recommended that you contact a travel lawyer who can advise you about the merits of your case.

Simpson Millar has specialist travel lawyers who have worked for the major UK tour operators, and can advise you how to make a successful Holiday Compensation Claim.

For claims against Thomson Holidays not involving accidents or illnesses, we recommend you escalate your complaint to senior people within the organisation or contact ABTA who can advise you about their Arbitration scheme if you are not satisfied with your response from Thomson Holidays.

If you have justifiable complaints, you may want to sue Thomson Holidays in the small claims court. Claims against Thomson Holidays that do not involve personal injury have a time limit of 6 years in which you can make a claim. We suggest you take legal action against Thomson Holidays as soon as you are able to, but after you have given them the opportunity to resolve matters.

How do I prove my claim against Thomson Holidays?

Holiday Hotel Watch

Make sure you keep copies of all documents relating to your holiday, and the complaints you have made against Thomson Holidays.

If you have had an injury whilst abroad with Thomson Holidays, make sure you take photographs of the accident site before and after they have made the area safe.

For those that have suffered an illness, make sure you keep receipts for medication and take photographs of any areas of concern, such as the presence of birds and flies in the restaurant.

If there are witnesses, make sure you obtain their details as they too will be able to help you.

How do I instruct a travel solicitor?

We can represent you if you had an accident or illness abroad. The Simpson Millar Travel Team are offering a free consultation for those who had their Thomson Holidays ruined by an accident or illness.

If you want to instruct us, our travel team makes the process very simple. We explain everything, whether it is our paper work or legal advice, making it easy for you to understand.

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