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Swimming Pool Hygiene Checklist – Guidance Notes

The health and safety checklist is primarily intended for people that have suffered illness or ear infections during their holiday.

The checklist can be completed by anyone that wants to take steps to identify whether the swimming pool is safe. There will be many other steps that tour operators will have to perform in a proper swimming pool audit to ensure that pool water does not contain harmful germs such as cryptosporidium or shigella dysentery.

It is completely optional as to whether you wish to submit the audit to us although its completion would be useful for those that have suffered illness on holiday and want to know if they have good grounds to make a claim.

This checklist is available as a PDF to print and download here.

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Tour Operator / Travel Company
Has any debris such as litter or plant life been identified in the swimming pool?
Have you noticed the presence of insects in the swimming pool?
Does the swimming pool water appear cloudy?
If there has been faecal contamination episodes, was the pool closed for 24 hours or more?
Have you witnessed any hotel staff cleaning the swimming pool?
Have you witness staff adding chemicals to the swimming pool?
Have you witnessed any staff at the hotel performing checks on the water (for pH/ chlorine levels)?
Is the level of the swimming pool water higher than the level of the filters?
Is there a scum or grease line around the edge of the swimming pool?
Have you noticed the presence of algae or moss around the swimming pool?
When using the pool has there been a sensation or smell of chlorine?
Are there any signs of broken or cracked tiles around the swimming pool?
Are swimming pool filters covered and working properly?
Have you seen any signs of cleaners mopping surface water back into the swimming pool?
Are there any guidelines for the use of the swimming pool?
Are pool opening and closing times recognised by fellow guests?
Have you suffered an ear infection during your stay at the hotel?
Have you or any other member of your party been ill with sickness or diarrhoea while on holiday?
Would you like free legal advice about your illness when you return to the UK?
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