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Saga Holidays Complaints


Saga Holidays is a travel company that caters for the slightly older traveller and produces high quality holiday packages to many destinations around the world. With a minimum age requirement of 50 years for travellers using Saga Holidays, falling ill or having an accident whilst on holiday is the last thing you want occurring as the consequences can be much more serious. Unfortunately, for many travellers this is precisely what happens and contacting the tour operator to make a Saga Holidays complaint or to ask for some help is vitally important.

If you have had the misfortune of an accident or illness while travelling abroad that you believe was caused by the negligence of the hotel or your tour operator eg Saga Holidays then the Travel Team at Simpson Millar can help you to obtain holiday compensation. Additionally, our wealth of experience means we can also provide you with advice and assistance when complaining to your tour operator.

Saga Holidays Complaints – How to do it

There are a number of options available to you should you wish to make a Saga Holidays complaint.

If you are still on holiday then it is always advisable to raise your complaint with the Saga Holidays representative within the resort who will attempt to resolve the issue. If the problem can not be solved then you must contact Saga’s Customer Relations Department on returning to the UK, either by telephone on 01303 774122, email at or by writing to them at the following address: Customer Relations Department, Saga Holidays, Enbrook Park, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 3SE. You should ensure that you quote your booking reference in all correspondence.

If you have sustained injuries from an accident or suffered an illness on holiday then you are advised to contact the experienced expert travel lawyers within Simpson Millar’s Travel Team who can help and advise you about making a Holiday Compensation Claim.

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Claiming Holiday Compensation from Saga Holidays

Contact and speak to a member of our expert team of travel lawyers if you have suffered an illness or injury whilst abroad on a Saga package holiday.

Our many years of experience spent working within the travel industry means that you will receive the very best advice and assistance in making a Holiday Compensation Claim against Saga Holidays.

I can’t seem to resolve my dispute with Saga – What are my options?

Holiday Hotel Watch

Any disputes and complaints resulting from your holiday that are unable to be settled amicably can be referred to the travel industry’s governing body, The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

Arbitration can be used under a special scheme arranged by ABTA, and administered independently. Full details of the process can be obtained from the ABTA website,

A further alternative course of action may be to proceed with a claim in the Small Claims Court, a process which is simple and does not need the involvement of a solicitor.

How do I claim against Saga Holidays?

The Package Travel Regulations 1992 is a very useful piece of legislation that allows travellers to pursue a holiday compensation claim against their Tour Operator directly in the UK, providing the holiday they went on was a regulated package – flights, transfer and accommodation in one all-inclusive price.

The regulations hold Saga Holidays accountable for the actions of their suppliers, which include operators of aircraft, coaches, excursions and hotels.

If you have suffered a holiday illness or accident whilst travelling on a Saga Holidays package then contact our expert Travel team today. The team will provide free advice and help with pursuing a Holiday Compensation Claim.

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