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Claiming Compensation for Your Ruined Wedding

It is reported that almost one in four couples now make the decision to get married abroad. The appeal is obvious, guaranteed weather and a chance for the happy couple and their entire wedding party to share time in idyllic and relaxing conditions. However when things go wrong, the impact can be devastating on the married couple as well as their guests.

Whether there is a group illness amongst a wedding party or quality issues within the accommodation whereby the standards received are not what was paid for or promised, Simpson Millar LLP can provide free advice and guidance and in many cases, can take on claims on a no win no fee basis.

Who is Responsible for a Ruined Wedding Abroad?

When a wedding is booked as part of a package holiday, the booking will be covered by the provisions of the 1992 Package Travel Regulations. This means that you will be able to complain to and if necessary, claim compensation from the tour operator that organised package if something goes wrong.

Therefore, if you did not receive the wedding package that you booked and paid for or if your wedding was blighted by an illness outbreak at the hotel caused by poor food hygiene or unsanitary conditions, you can claim directly against the tour operator provided the wedding was booked as part of a package holiday.

Hints and Tips for Weddings Abroad

  • If you can book the wedding that you want as part of a package holiday then do so. These days the major tour operators such as Thomas Cook, Thomson Holidays, First Choice, Virgin and Kuoni are well aware of the demand for overseas weddings and will often be able to offer a range bespoke wedding packages.
  • Try and book with a reputable tour operator that if you are not sure whether the wedding forms part of the package holiday – ask the question and request that the answer be given in writing.
  • Pay using a credit – although paying those credit card charges is painful, should your tour operator go bust or unexpected issues arise, you will be afforded extra consumer protection in the form of the Consumer Credit Act.
  • Take out travel insurance and make sure that it is suitable for your needs and covers wedding packages. Read the small print and ask form written confirmation about what is covered if you are unsure.
  • Keep all of the paperwork relating to the holiday, the wedding and our insurance including policy documents, holiday brochures, wedding brochures, invoices and receipts. These may help resolve any disputes that later arise.
  • Keep a note of the people that you speak to throughout the booking journey and the dates that you spoke to them in case this is later challenged.
  • Whilst in resort, collate evidence of the problems experienced. Some useful information about collating evidence whilst abroad can be found here

How to make a Claim for a ruined Wedding Abroad?

You can potentially claim compensation for a ruined holiday wedding if:

  • You were the bride or groom and you booked a that was ruined by poor standards, illness or injury;
  • You were a member of the wedding party that booked a package holiday to attend a wedding and were effected by illness, injury or poor standards;
  • You were part of a group affected by a ruined wedding abroad.

How Much compensation Can I Claim for a Ruined Wedding?

Wedding Photo

Depending on the merits of your case, you may be able to recover the full cost of your holiday and compensation for pain and suffering. You are also likely to be able to claim compensation for any out of pocket expenses and for loss of enjoyment. If you are the bride or groom and the wedding was a complete disaster, the level of compensation that you are entitled to claim is likely to be significant.

The case of Morgan & Others V Unijet Travel Limited provides an example of the amount of compensation that can be claimed for loss of enjoyment. In this case it was decided that the bride and groom would receive £4,000 each in compensation for loss of enjoyment alone.

Why Contact Our Holiday Claims Team

Our holiday claims team provides free advice to holidaymakers and help you establish whether you have a reasonable claim. In many cases we can formally take on cases on a “no win no fee” basis and if we are unable to pursue the claim for you, we can provide free practical advice as to how best to proceed.

Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with holiday and travel claims.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you by filling in our quick, no obligation enquiry form and we will call you back or you can call us directly on 0808 145 1353.

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