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Olympic Holidays Complaints


The last thing that you want whilst on your Olympic holiday is to fall ill or have an accident. Yet for many holidaymakers this is exactly what happens and naturally they wish to make a Olympic Holidays complaint  or at the very least request some help from Olypic Holidays.

If you have had an accident or illness while travelling abroad then the Travel Team at Simpson Millar can help you in obtaining Holiday Compensation. Whilst we are experts in gaining Holiday Compensation for our clients, we also often provide holidaymakers with advice and assistance in making Olympic Holidays complaints.

Olympic Holidays are a large and well established tour operator and receive and deal with complaints from those holidaymakers who have had problems with their holiday.

Olympic Holidays Complaint – What to do

To avoid any problems in resolving your complaint there are a number of steps that should be followed when making a Olympic Holidays complaint.

If you are still abroad then you should always raise your Olympic Holidays complaint with the local holiday representative who will try to resolve the issue. If the issue can not be rectified then you must obtain and complete a report form from the Olympic representative. The report must clearly outline your complaint to Olympic and must be completed for Olympic to deal with the complaint. The report form is useful evidence if you later decide to take formal legal action and pursue a Holiday Compensation Claim against Olympic Holidays.

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If the issue has still not been resolved by the time you return to the UK then you must write to Interaction Worldwide Ltd at 1 Torrington Park, London N12 9TB, quoting your booking reference number and outlining the details of your complaint. This letter must be sent within 28 days of your return to the UK. If they do not receive a complaint from you within that period then you will be deemed to have waived any claim against Olympic Holidays.

If you have suffered an illness or sustained injuries from an accident on holiday then you are advised to contact the expert travel lawyers in Simpson Millar’s Travel Team who can help and advise you about making a Holiday Compensation Claim.

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Claiming Holiday Compensation from Olympic Holidays

Speak to our expert team of travel lawyers, if you have suffered an illness or injury whilst abroad on an Olympic package holiday.

Our years of experience working within the travel industry mean that you will receive the best advice and assistance to help you make a Holiday Compensation Claims against Olympic Holidays.

I’m still in dispute with Olympic Holidays – What can I do?

Any disputes and complaints that do not relate to illness or accidents occurring as a result of the Olympic holiday that can not be settled amicably can be referred to the travel industry’s governing body, The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

Arbitration can be used under a special scheme arranged by ABTA, and administered independently. Full details of the process can be obtained from the ABTA website.

An alternative course of action is to proceed to the Small Claims Court.

How do I claim against Olympic Holidays?

The Package Travel regulations 1992 allow holidaymakers to pursue their Tour Operator directly in the UK, providing the holiday was booked as a package – flights, transfer and accommodation in one all-inclusive price.

The regulations hold Olympic Holidays accountable for the actions of their, suppliers which include operators of aircraft, buses and coaches, excursions and hotels.

If you have suffered a holiday illness or accident whilst abroad on an Olympic Holidays package then contact our expert Travel team today for free advice on pursuing a Holiday Compensation Claim.

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