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BBC's Holiday Hit Squad Features Simpson Millar Holiday Accident Victim is a website produced by Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors who are dedicated towards helping people that have suffered injuries while on foreign holidays.

We are currently representing hundreds of people that have suffered horrendous accidents while on holiday, including Des Jarvis, a man from Peterborough who suffered a leg injury when he collided with the wall of a plunge pool when exiting a waterslide at the Didum Beach in Turkey. You can find out all about what happened to Mr Jarvis by watching the 13th March 2014 Edition of Holiday Hit Squad (catch up on BBC Iplayer if you missed it).

Our Travel Lawyers regularly advise the media and clients alike on all matters relating to personal injury claims. Nick Harris, Head of Travel Law at Simpson Millar LLP, has appeared on Five Live, Watchdog and was an advisor in tonight’s edition of Holiday Hit Squad in relation to Mr Jarvis’ holiday claim.

Unfortunately, waterslide injuries occur all too regularly and we are currently representing a number of people injured in similar accidents to Mr Jarvis.

Thomas Cook Successfully Sued for Dragon Head Waterslide Disaster

We are no strangers to accidents involving waterslides and have recently settled a holiday accident claim involving a lady from Liverpool who sustained a fracture to her foot when she knocked it against the "mouth" of the "Dragon’s head" exit.

Dragon waterslide at the Didum Beach in Turkey

Our client was on holiday at the Limak Lara Beach, also in Turkey, with her daughter and mother at the hotel, which is renowned for its waterslides. Her daughter convinced her to go on the Dragon Head waterslide, which she reluctantly agreed to. Despite obeying all the rules, the velocity of the water meant that she was unable to retain control and she smashed her foot against the top edge of the waterslide.

The claim was initially defended by Thomas Cook, who involved 2 separate firms of solicitors specialising in Travel law to represent them. However, once we were able to provide evidence of the technical standards that prevailed in Turkey the claim settled out of court upon issue of proceedings.

The compensation received by our client was over £8,000 - fair compensation given that she spent the remaining part of her holiday in a wheelchair and was off work when she returned to the UK. Eventually her symptoms resolved although she is now left with a sensation similar to having a stone in your shoe when walking around.

Paul Stevens advised:

"Bringing a claim for an accident that takes place in a foreign country can be a complicated process. We were able to help our client because she booked a package holiday and could sue the tour operator, Thomas Cook. We were also able to show how there were potential breaches of Turkish standards."

"The Turkish Regulations on Certification and Standards of Tourism Establishments advise that necessary precautions to avoid all probable accidents and defects must be taken as soon as possible."

"On this occasion, the perimeter of the dragon’s head clearly presented a dangerous obstacle to those exiting the waterslide which Thomas Cook seemed to eventually recognise and compensate our client for. I am pleased, however, that the dangers associated with waterslide use in foreign holiday destinations is finally receiving attention though programmes like Holiday Hit Squad."

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Dated: 13/03/2014

Holiday Claims Expert Paul Stevens