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Tyne and Wear Lady wins £2,250 in compensation for Food Poisoning in Bulgaria

One of the UK’s leading tour operators, Thomas Cook have given a holidaymaker £2,250 in compensation for food poisoning suffered at a hotel in Bulgaria.

Our client came to us following a complaint that she put to Thomas Cook after she was diagnosed with Campylobacter after returning from the Belle Ville hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

Campylobacter is a form of food poisoning that can be contracted from meat and poultry if it’s not cooked or prepared properly.

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Unhappy with the response from Thomas Cook, she came to Simpson Millar LLP to represent her on a no win, no fee basis.

Campylobacter Victim Represented under No-win-no fee Agreement

In helping our client, we were able to provide a medical report that support her claim that her illness came from the hotel, despite the fact that she had stayed at the hotel on a half board basis.

The solicitors acting for Thomas Cook denied responsibility, so decided to take the case to court which then caused Thomas cook to settle the for what the claim was worth.

Our client received 100 per cent of the compensation.

Upon receiving her compensation, our client said she was very happy with the service. She described Paul Stevens, who handled her case, as being “Very Good”.

Help for Campylobacter Victims

Paul advises that:

“Campylobacter is a nasty form of food poisoning that can potentially be prevented by sensible food hygiene procedures being implemented by hotel kitchen staff. However the tiny amount of this particular germ required to cause an infection can make these claims difficult to bring.”

“On this occasion, it seems that Thomas Cook took the view that the risks of defending the case were too great and decided to settle my client’s personal injury claim”.

“Those that have suffered any kind of food poisoning on a package holiday should consider legal advice before writing to the tour operators or considering any offers they make, as was the case with our client in this instance.”

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As well as people that have suffered food poisoning in Bulgaria, we have helped people make personal injury claims against tour operators for hotels in Turkey, Mexico, Cuba and Spain, including the Balearics and the Canary Islands.

The Package Travel Regulations means that the British tour operator can be sued in the UK, even though the illness happened in places like Bulgaria.

We offer a free initial consultation to those that suffer and accident or illness and we can take cases on a no win no fee funding basis. Our funding arrangement means the first £2,000 of any claim is ring fenced. In other words, you would keep the first £2,000 we get for you – we would not take a cut.

If you have suffered food poisoning such as Campylobacter – which can cause irritable bowel syndrome, we can advise you about the potential value of your claim.

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Dated: 14/10/2013