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Tropitel Naama Bay 2013 – Potential Illness Outbreak in Egypt

Simpson Millar’s holiday compensation lawyers have been alerted to reports of gastric illness at the all-inclusive Tropitel hotel in Naama Bay, Egypt.

The reports indicate that the food served at the hotel was of a poor standard and that the whole dining experience was unpleasant. It would appear that some guests visited the hotel doctor but found the doctor to be more concerned about obtaining guests’ insurance details than treating the illness symptoms.

When holidaymakers become ill in a foreign country they are often reluctant to seek medical attention. This may be because they are in a foreign land and are nervous about the treatment that they will receive or because they pass off their illness as being due to a change in climate or eating habits. When symptoms are prolonged or sever however it is often the case the cause of the illness is something more sinister – such as food poisoning.

Holiday Illness

It is important therefore that anyone with prolonged or severe symptoms of illness following their return to the UK seeks medical attention without delay so that the cause of the illness can be identified and treated with appropriate medication.

Simpson Millar’s holiday and travel lawyers are specialists when it comes to holiday illnesses and regularly represent holidaymakers that have been ill on package holidays. It is often the case that holidaymakers have, without knowing it, contracted sickness bugs such as salmonella, cryptosporidium, e.coli, campylobacter and shigella.

These illnesses can sometime cause short lived symptoms but they may also cause serious or long lasting health problems such as post-infective irritable bowel syndrome and reactive arthritis.

Simpson Millar’s Holiday law specialists are happy to speak with and provide free advice to anyone that has suffered from or suspects that they have suffered from a holiday illness and in many instances and recover compensation for holidaymakers on a “no win no fee” basis. For free advice or to see whether you can claim, call 0808 145 1353 or use the online enquiry form.

Dated: 14/08/2013