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Travel Insurance Fails To Pay-out? – Make A Holiday Complaint

According to the Daily Mail Online, holidaymakers feel as though they are being left cheated by their travel insurer as thousands of travel insurance policies fail to pay out.

Usually browsing the web for travel insurance is the final thing many of us do before jetting off on holiday assuming that it will provide us with the cover we need without actually reading the small print. However, the small print is more important than many of us think as this is where exclusions are usually hidden.

Mis-sold Holiday Complaints Excluded In Insurance Policies

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One of the major exclusions of insurance policies is mis-sold holiday claims against your tour operator. Holidaymakers will often take out travel insurance thinking they will be covered for ruined holidays as a result of misrepresentations made about the hotel by the holiday company. Examples of this include the hotel not being the same standard as advertised, health and safety breaches, restricted hotel facilities and unknown building works. However, the fact is that travel insurance doesn’t provide cover for mis-sold holiday claims such as these.

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Am I Covered For Accidents Abroad?

Similarly, if you have an accident on holiday, you’ll find that injuries from seaside activities to accidents at hotels are not covered to the extent that you think. Easyjet have been known to refuse claims on activities which it views as hazardous, although it does not specify what these are.

Where there is no clear definition under a policy of what types of holiday claims are covered, be sure to expect a rejection to your claim through your travel insurer. Not to mention being left with a hefty bill for any medical treatment and the cost to change your flight home.

Travel Insurance Refuses Compensation For Wedding Holidays

Due to large groups often booking wedding holidays it is much more difficult to claim holiday compensation for wedding packages sold by tour operators. Wedding packages abroad usually include a wedding planner organising your big day. It is unlikely that your travel insurance will provide cover for your wedding if something goes wrong.

One firm rejected a holiday complaint after a woman slipped down the stairs and broke her leg at the hotel after consuming a glass of champagne on a wedding holiday. Realistically, this may have been due to health and safety risks at the hotel which is a familiar occurrence as health and safety standards are much lower abroad than in the UK. However, it is unlikely that your travel insurer will see it this way and may use one exclusion or another, hidden in the small print of the travel insurance policy to reject your complaint. Being under the influence is common policy exclusion.

In circumstances such as this where holidaymakers are celebrating a special occasion such as a honeymoon holiday or a wedding holiday and where alcohol is likely to be consumed, it is recommended that you seek legal advice of your rights and whether you can claim holiday compensation. If you want to make an enquiry email our holiday claims specialist on and we will get back to you straight away.

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So What Options Do You Have to Make A Claim For Holiday Compensation?

Whilst travel insurance may help with smaller value claims such as compensation for lost baggage and delayed flights, holidaymakers pay a premium for very limited cover. In addition to this, holidaymakers who push for a pay-out will be faced with an excess charge which can go up to a few hundred pounds before they can claim. The idea is to put people off claiming as it is not worth the time and energy.

So if holidaymakers want to claim holiday compensation, what protection is available if something goes wrong? Small value holiday complaints concerning quality issues with your hotel and those that are below £2,000, may be able to be resolved directly through your tour operator.

If you want to make a complaint about a ruined holiday wedding, a group holiday or where the cost of your holiday runs into thousands of pounds, it is advised that holidaymakers seek legal advice to ensure they get the holiday compensation that they are entitled to.

How We Can Help…

Our team of holiday claims experts offer free legal advice to help you claim holiday compensation.

We are able to advise you of the prospects of success on your claim at the very outset whilst considering all the issues you may be concerned about, from the time limit to make a claim, the standards of health and safety abroad and how much compensation you are entitled to.

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Dated: 04/09/2013