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Sickness Bug at Hotel in Egypt! First Choice in Massive Holiday Food Compensation Pay-out!

We can reveal that First Choice have paid compensation to a group of over 100 holiday makers that suffered illness at the First Choice Holiday Village in Sharm El Sheikh.

Holiday Illness

The group were represented by the UK’s leading and best Holiday Law Firm, Simpson Millar Solicitors.

Egyptian Hotel hit by Sickness Bug

The Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt is one of the most popular family resorts boasting large freeform swimming pools, a vast entertainment programme and a number of restaurants including a huge buffet restaurant.

During the course of their holidays the hotel guests suffered from symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting stomach cramps and fever – symptoms that went far beyond the “holiday tummy” that people expect when visiting foreign climbs such as Egypt and Turkey.

Upon their return to the UK, many of the unlucky holiday makers were diagnosed with a whole host of nasty food and water poisoning bugs including Cryptosporidium, Shigella and E. coli. Earlier on a family from the midlands returned home from the holiday village with Salmonella.

Wanting compensation for their disappointment Simpson Millar represented the group in a class action against First Choice - claims were made for the pain and suffering caused by the bugs together with claims distress and a refund of the part of the holiday that was ruined by illness.

Of the group, a family from Merseyside were successful in claiming in excess of £9,000 for their ruined holiday and a lady from Somerset received £8,000 for the IBS suffered as a result of her Cryptosporidium contracted from the Red Sea Holiday Village. A man from Sheffield was awarded just under £6,000 for E. coli suffered at the same hotel . E. coli is a food poisoning bug usually associated with poorly prepared meat and poultry.

Besides helping people that have suffered illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village, Simpson Millar has helped people claim compensation for a sickness bug at the Flamingo Beach Holiday Village in Lanzarote.

Holiday Hotel Watch

A Family from Glasgow came to Simpson Millar when their baby daughter was hospitalised with Cryptosporidium during her holiday to the Flamingo Beach. They were promptly awarded over £4,500 in compensation once Simpson Millar became involved.

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We have helped people claim compensation at Holiday destinations in Turkey, Egypt, Spain and the Canary Islands including Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

Dated: 30/04/2013