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Sandals Change Description of Holiday Accommodation

Sandals who are well known for their honeymoon and wedding package holidays have taken the first step to change hotel room descriptions, according to Travel Mole. Following an urge from agents, Sandals have simplified their hotel descriptions to enable clearer descriptions to holiday makers.

Sandals Resorts and Beach Resorts will now describe their rooms by following a formula that will allow holidaymakers to know exactly what is in their package holiday i.e. Room Location + Room View + Room Size & Type + Level of Accommodation. This will replace their current hotel room descriptions such as Genoa Waters Edge Two Bedroom Imperial Family Suite.

Sandals claim to have made the change so that agents and holidaymakers have a better understanding of what they are purchasing. A spokesperson stated ‘After listening to feedback from travel agents, we realised that creating simplified and intuitive category names helps eliminate confusion in the booking process.’

Good News

Rozeena Mahatay from our Holiday Claims Department at Simpson Millar Solicitors commented “Whilst this is a positive step, it is evident that such changes are necessary as these problems are still present in the travel industry due to the number of mis-sold honeymoons and weddings every year. Holidaymakers hope for a holiday of a lifetime but instead their holiday turns out to not be what they had booked due to misrepresented photographs and hotel descriptions.”

Holidaymakers are warned to check what is included in their package holiday and whether their requirements have been met. It goes a long way to simply ask your tour operator of the breakdown of what your package holiday includes. Sandals are known to provide a butler service to honeymooners, yet it has often been found that some of the services they advertise are not provided to the same standard, if at all.

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Dated: 08/07/2013