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New 5 Star Hotel, Riu Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort in Turkey Fails to Impress Guests

A brand new hotel recently opened in Belek, Turkey has faced negative reviews by a large number of holidaymakers who have taken to Trip Advisor to express their complaints.

Simpson Millar has been instructed on a claim against Thomson who features the new Riu Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort as being ‘completely rebuilt for summer 2013’. However the tour operator failed to inform a number of guests that the hotel wasn’t fully completed.

If you stayed at the Riu Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort and were mis-sold your holiday by your tour operator, speak to one of our holiday claims lawyers on 0808 145 1353 who can provide you with free legal advice.

New Hotel Subject To Guest Complaints

The newly designed hotel not only failed to open on time leaving many holidaymakers stranded and having to move to a different hotel upon arrival, but the Riu Kaya Palazza Golf Resort has also been criticised of being poorly constructed. A number of defects have been spotted around the hotel from broken windows, mirrors as well as building refuse left around the hotel. Rooms were also described as unclean, the restaurants as being overcrowded and poor service received from staff.

One holidaymaker described how the hotel looked amazing but as though it was cheaply done. She mentioned a how the planks on the eye catching bridge that stretches across the entire resort had jolted up and tiles on the restaurant floor had already been broken which she tripped over a number of times. This was further added to by having fallen over on the Astroturf path causing her to cut her knee.

The vast amount of negative feedback has raised health and safety concerns. One reviewer commented on the raised grid covers around the swimming pool and the problems encountered with the jacuzzi. ‘The area around it was very poorly finished with very sharp marble corners, which we hadn’t noticed until my son climbed out and cut the bottom of his foot quite badly on it.’ A mention was also given to the exposed cable wires and sockets near the swimming area in reach of children, the slabs of marble were waiting to be laid in the villas and the concrete sacks laying around the hotel whilst workers continued with building works.

In addition, entertainment at the hotel was described as poor and unsuitable for children due to reviews claiming the dancing to be ‘almost pornographic’ with many families walking out. Food was often uncooked with a number of guests complaining about raw chicken being served. One guest commented: ‘Chicken Wings!! Disgusting… my boyfriend bit into them to find a massive load of uncooked and bloodied meat.’ Alongside this, food options were limited due to many of the restaurants and other facilities not being open in time for the arrival of guests.

Thomson Fails To Inform Holidaymakers of Incomplete Hotel

The Riu Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort is being sold as part of a package holiday by Thomson who have continued to book holidaymakers at the hotel. Many guests were either booked into a hotel with clear health and safety risks or required to change hotels without any notice being give or the option to have a refund.

Thomson advertises the hotel as providing 4 a’la carte restaurants and an array of facilities and amenities, most of which most of which didn’t open in time or were not up to the 5 star standard expected.

It is important for guests to recognise that if they were required to move hotel and the new hotel was of a different standard than what was advertised they may be entitled to claim back the full cost of their holiday. Similarly, where guests encountered a number of problems upon arrival at the hotel, they may be able to make a claim for a mis-sold holiday due to the hotel not being as featured in the brochure or as described by the holiday company.

If you would like further advice on how to make a complaint about your experience at the Riu Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort, call us on 0808 145 1353.

Dated: 12/09/2013