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Holiday Village Costa Del Sol Sickness Bug – Do you want to join a Class Action against First Choice

This website is run by Simpson Millar Solicitors who are a personal injury travel law firm that help people claim compensation for sickness and diarrhoea bugs suffered on holiday.

We have just been instructed by a family from Kent in relation to a claim for a food poisoning type illness at the Holiday Village in Benalmadena, a hotel featured by one of the UK’s largest tour operators, First Choice Holidays.

Holiday Illness

If are staying at the Benalmedena Holiday Village at the moment or have returned home with symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting, you should be able to claim compensation against your tour operator. We understand that a number of guests staying at the hotel have been hospitalised as a result of their illness.

It is our advice to people that have suffered illness and want compensation for what happened to seek legal advice before any consideration is given to engaging with the tour operator.

It is not uncommon for tour operators such as First Choice to make “call outs” to customers who have returned from holiday with illness. More often than not the person you will be receiving a call from will be an employee of the First Choice Legal Department and will be working from a script. The conversation is likely to end with a meagre offer of compensation.

It is our advice that under no circumstances should an offer of compensation be accepted without taking legal advice. This is because while the £500 or so offer may sound like a lot of compensation and it may come in handy when we have seriously overspent on our holidays (we have all been there!), it will be an attempt at “buying off” a claim that could be worth a lot more.

Most importantly of all, it is possible that the illness may result in permanent symptoms including post-infective irritable bowel syndrome which attracts awards in excess of £6,000. Under no circumstances should any offer be accepted if you are still suffered from symptoms.

If you have returned from the Costa Del Sol Holiday Village with traveller’s diarrhoea, we suggest that you call one of Simpson Millar’s travel lawyers today for a free telephone consultation about the nature and extent of your illness. In that consultation you will be told about the potential value of your claim and how we can assist you.

Holiday Hotel Watch

By joining a group of holiday makers in a claim against First Choice, you will massively increase the chances, through strength in numbers, of your claim succeeding.

You will also have the benefit of our knowledge about previous problems encountered at this hotel.

We represent our clients under a no win no fee funding arrangement whereby they keep 100 per cent of the first £2,000 we are successful in claiming. We also have other arrangements such our £500 up front promotion.

We have just settled claims involving 3 families that received £34,000 in compensation for a swimming pool bug called Cryptosporidium suffered at the Costa Del Sol Holiday Village.

Call us today to maximise your chances of claiming compensation against First Choice.

Dated: 21/05/2013