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Cumbrian teen dies in Bulgaria holiday accident


A 17-year-old boy has died in a Holiday Accident, after falling from a balcony in a self- catering apartment at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

Tom McNeill from Carlisle in Cumbria was on holiday with friend Jordan Robson and his family and is thought to have fallen asleep while sunbathing on top of the balcony wall. There is speculation that he may have turned in his sleep facing the wrong way and then fell to the ground instead of landing on the balcony. The apartment was on the first floor of the building.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed that a British National died in Bulgaria on Sunday, 24 July.

Tom’s parents David and Sallie McNeill run StagedRight Productions and Youth Theatre in Carlisle.

The couple said their son had phoned home the day before he died to wish his younger brother Jack a happy birthday. He is said to have told his family that he was “having an amazing time”.

Tom’s parents paid an emotional tribute to their son:

“Tom has left a hole in our lives that we cannot ever imagine will heal, but he is with us in all we do. We love him so much.”

It was their son’s first holiday without his family, who are thought to have travelled out to Bulgaria as soon as possible following their son’s death.

The Robson family has returned to the UK – Jordan’s father Nick Robson remained in Bulgaria to meet David and Sallie McNeill on their arrival. It is understood that Tom’s body may not be released for seven to 10 days.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed that it is offering consular assistance to the family.

The level of Health and Safety standards abroad are usually a lot lower than the standards we have here in the UK. However, if you have booked your holiday through a UK Tour operator, this means they will be held liable should something go wrong.

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Dated: 02/12/2011