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Concern Over Cryptospiridium in Holiday Swimming Pools


Public health experts in the US have warned holidaymakers using swimming pools to take precautions against the parasite Cryptospiridium.

There has been a rise in cases of ‘Crypto’ recently, especially among holidaymakers using swimming pools at their holiday accommodation.

The infection causes stomach cramps, fever, sickness and diarrhoea and flu-like symptoms – and is caused by contact with infected stools.

In the US, public health authorities have warned holidaymakers and swimmers using hotel and holiday accommodation swimming pools to shower before they enter the swimming pool – and to wash their hands.

Small children are particularly susceptible to the Cryptospiridium parasite and parents should make sure that their children have a clean nappy before entering a swimming pool in case the nappy leaks.

Adults and children should also shower before and after entering a hotel or holiday accommodation swimming pool in case they have been in contact with the parasite.

In the US, Dr. Lynne Saddler said:

"The best means of not getting Crypto is to wash your hands properly.”

The Crypto infection may not appear for seven to 10 days after exposure, but if you develop any of the symptoms after using the swimming pool at your hotel or holiday accommodation, see your GP as soon as you return from holiday.

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Dated: 02/12/2011