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My Holiday Hotel is a Building Site


Looking through the holiday brochure you spot the perfect holiday hotel: idyllic location; modern facilities and peace and quiet. You look on the internet for more pictures which confirm this will be the perfect place to spend your summer getaway.

However, the reality when you get there is somewhat different. What the brochure and internet pictures didn’t show you was that the hotel is currently undergoing some renovation works and worse still a new hotel is being built next door. Your idyllic peaceful haven is instead noisy and covered in dust!

What can you do?

Stay - Firstly, consider how bad the building works actually are. It may be that building work is only carried out at certain times of the day or that the builders have been told to work to below a particular noise level and to keep the site clean. It is unlikely that this will be the case in most instances and the building works are likely to have a severe impact on your holiday enjoyment.

The ABTA Code of Conduct requires a member Tour Operator to notify, and allow a transfer to an alternative hotel, holidaymakers of building works and renovations that will seriously impact on the enjoyment of the holiday. This is regardless of whether the building work is taking place in your hotel or on land next to your hotel.

Complain - If the Travel Agent or Tour Operator has failed to warn you about the building works before departure then you should make a complaint to the Tour Representative in your resort as soon as possible.

The representative has a duty to offer you alternative hotel accommodation and assist you in moving you to the new hotel.

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What to do if the Tour Operator refuses to find you alternative accommodation?

The first option is to put up with your current hotel and then make a complaint to the Tour Operator on your return to the UK, demanding a full refund for the cost of the accommodation you paid for.

Another option is to find an alternative hotel on your own and pay for it yourself and then make a complaint to the Tour Operator when you arrive home.

If the Tour Operator doesn’t want to hear your complaint then you can always make a complaint to ABTA directly through their Arbitration Scheme or alternatively pursue the matter in the Small Claims Court yourself.

Simpson Millar solicitors have an expert team of Travel Lawyers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in dealing with all the major Tour Operators such as Thomas Cook, Cosmos, First Choice and Thomson.

We can provide you with advice and assistance about what you can do if you holiday hotel turns out to be a building site nightmare.

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