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What is Compensation for Loss of Earnings?


If you are unable to work following your Holiday Accident or Holiday Illness, you can claim back loss of earnings from your tour operator – although they must be at fault for your injury.

If your contract of employment entitles you to take sick leave at full pay, obviously you cannot make a claim. However, if your company only pays you what is known as the “statutory sick pay”, you can claim back the difference between what you should have been paid and the amount that your employer paid you.

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When making a claim against the tour operator for loss of earnings, they will usually require proof of your losses in the form of payslips that cover the period of approximately 3 months prior to your holiday and after your holiday. This can be seen as a reasonable request from your tour operator, as it is appropriate that they have proof of the earnings you have lost due to your accident or illness.

If you are self-employed or run your own business and are unable to work, your tour operator may request additional proof in terms of accounting information and details of any lost contracts etc.

Further complicated issues may materialise if you have not been able to return to work, for example, you may be able to claim for the opportunity lost of making a bonus or working overtime. If your illness or injury is serious, you may be able to make a claim for the opportunity lost of pursuing your intended career.

If you come across difficulties in making a claim for loss of earnings against your tour operator, we would recommend that you contact one of our Holiday Lawyers for a free consultation. We can provide tips and possibly help you claim compensation under a no win no fee funding agreement.

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