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What is Compensation for Loss of Holiday Experience?


Loss of Holiday Experience is the compensation you can claim from your UK tour operator for the proportion of the holiday that you did not receive. Loss of Holiday Experience compensation is sometimes called “loss of value” or “diminution in value” from the holiday. It is different to loss of holiday enjoyment compensation and Personal Expenses Compensation which you can also claim for.

The amount you can claim for Loss of Holiday Experience depends on the cost of your holiday and how serious the problem was. Typically, you would claim back a proportion of the holiday cost back based on the extent that your holiday was ruined.

If, for example, you suffer an injury to your leg and you spend 7 nights of a 14 night holiday in bed, you will be able to a higher percentage of the holiday than if the swimming pool was out of action for 3 days of a 14 night holiday.

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Examples of Loss of Experience Compensation Claims

Holiday Hotel Watch

Mr Jones was having a lovely time at the Hotel Paealla in Mallorca. 9 days into the holiday he contracted food poisoning and had to spend the last 5 days of his 14 night holiday in his room. His holiday cost was £1400. Because 5/14 of his holiday was completely ruined, he claims back £900; £100 for each day that was ruined by the holiday.

Mrs Smith stayed at the Carlos Hotel and experienced noise from building work for the first 3 days of her 7 night holiday. She was happy with the other facilities such as the pool and restaurant. Because she only had complaints about her room, a more realistic amount for her to claim would be about 50 per cent of her holiday cost for the period that was ruined by the building work. The holiday cost was £700. Mrs Smith claimed £150 for loss of value; £50 per day for each day that was ruined.

The ABTA 60/40 Formula

When you complain to Customer Services Departments, they will often argue that your accommodation cost was 40% of the overall cost of your holiday. This is not true. If you stayed in a five star hotel, your accommodation cost will be a lot more than the cost of staying in a one star apartment, yet you may be on exactly the same flight as the person who is staying at a one star apartment. While on some occasions the ABTA split may be advantageous, if you have been on an expensive holiday, we suggest that you look at how much the accommodation would have cost if you booked on a room only basis.


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