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How To Make A Holiday Complaint About Change Of Hotels

Did you book accommodation through your tour operator that needed to be changed at the last minute?

It is often the case that this is true. Hotel accommodation changes are often made by tour operators for a number of reasons leaving you stranded at a hotel that is not the one that you originally booked, with a lower star rating, with different or fewer facilities or in a different location.

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This often means that you are left with a ruined holiday that does not provide the accommodation or services that you paid for.

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Why Has My Hotel Been Changed

Often, changes made to accommodation are due to the fault of your tour operator. This can be the result of overbooking at hotels, renovation or building works being carried out that you were not informed of at the time of booking or requesting a move due to poor standards of accommodation in the original hotel booked.

What To Expect From My Tour Operator If My Hotel Accommodation Is Changed After Booking

It emerges that your tour operator can no longer meet your needs of providing you with the accommodation you booked…

So what am I entitled to?

If there should ever be any changes to your booking your tour operator should inform you of these changes at the earliest opportunity before departure, so that you have the option to either accept the changes and continue on your holiday, cancel or re-book your holiday at no cost to you.

To make sure of your rights always make sure you check the booking terms and conditions which can be found at the back of your tour operator’s brochure or on the tour operator’s website. These usually state what your rights are in the event that any changes are made to your holiday.

The Package Travel Regulations 1992 also provides protection to consumers who are faced with ‘significant changes’ being made to your holiday.

Can I Change My Hotel Accommodation On Holiday

If for any reason you want to change your accommodation whether it be due to poor standards of hygiene or the hotel accommodation simply not being what was advertised in the brochure, always ensure that you make a complaint to your representative at the earliest opportunity. This will allow your representative to make a note as to the reasons why you are unhappy with your accommodation on a Customer Complaint Form. You should receive a copy of this for your records.

It may be that your representative offers to find you alternative accommodation but if you are not offered an alternative hotel you can either stay at your accommodation and make a complaint upon your return or you can arrange alternative accommodation at your own cost, which you can then make a complaint about on your return. Any complaints made are not guaranteed and are dependent on the merits of each case.

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What If I am Not Happy With The Hotel Accommodation That I Have Been Moved To?

If you are offered a change of hotel accommodation always make sure that the accommodation you are moving to is of the standard that you want. Any change should be a like for like alternative with the same star rating, similar facilities and amenities and be in the same location.

Sometimes you may be offered alternative hotel accommodation that is not ideally what you want due to it being smaller, having a different atmosphere or being in a different location. In this case it is important you again let your representative know of your complaints so that they can be recorded.

What Can I Claim?

If you were booked into a hotel that you were not happy with but later moved to a hotel that you were happy with or vice versa, you may be able to claim compensation for the proportion of your holiday that was ruined.

If the accommodation you booked and the accommodation you were later moved too were both of a poor standard you might also be able to claim holiday compensation for the full cost of your holiday.

If for any reason you were not offered alternative accommodation following your complaint and you paid further costs to change accommodation yourself, you may be able to claim compensation for the proportion of the holiday that you lost and any cost incurred for the change.

Any successful claims for compensation also entitle you to claim further compensation for loss of enjoyment suffered as a result of your ruined holiday.

What Can I Do?

It is important to note that if you do decide to cancel your holiday due to a change made with your accommodation before departure, and you fail to find an alternative accommodation that you are happy with, it may be difficult to claim compensation on your return as you would have failed to mitigate your losses.

If there was a change to your accommodation for any reason and you did everything possible to find a suitable alternative and you still were not happy with it, you can make a holiday complaint under the Package Travel Regulations 1992. The regulations provide protection to holidaymakers where changes are made to their booking and where a proportion of the services are not provided.

It is advisable that you seek legal representation where your claim is £2,000 or more to ensure that you are aware of your rights and be clear on whether you can claim holiday compensation. You can call us for free legal advice on 0808 145 1353 or you can complete our online enquiry form.