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Holiday Compensation Claims Specialists

Simpson Millar LLP are a leading UK law firm and particularly skilled in helping people who are unfortunate enough to have experienced an accident or an illness whilst on a package holiday or whilst travelling abroad.

Our skills and experience lie not only in the law relating to travel and holiday claims but within the travel industry itself.

What Makes Us Specialists?

Our travel team is made up from lawyers who have an in-depth knowledge of the travel industry. Head of International Travel Law, Nick Harris has previously worked for one of the UK’s largest tour operators and also for one of the leading firms that specialise in helping tour operators defend cases. Simon Lomax, Paul Stevens and Andrew Tarling have nearly 30 years of experience working for the “big two” tour operators, Thomas Cook and First Choice.

Our legal expertise combined with our inside knowledge of the travel industry puts us in a unique position, and those we represent at a distinct advantage in being able to pursue a successful holiday claim.

Holiday complaints and claims specialists

The Areas Of Our Expertise

Our main area of expertise is providing advice and assistance to people who have sustained illness or injury whilst on a package holiday. We have helped hundreds of holidaymakers claim compensation for the following types of holiday claims:

Aviation Accidents – Accidents On-board Aeroplanes

Strict airline regulations mean that a claim is possible for most injuries suffered on-board an aircraft as long as the injury was not self-inflicted. Whether your injury occurred during a period of violent turbulence or you suffered burns following the spillage of a hot drink by airline staff, the travel team at Simpson Millar LLP can help.

Hotel Illness

We have represented hundreds of holidaymakers, both individually and in large groups that have suffered an illness caused by their hotel whilst on holiday abroad. The good news is that you can sue your tour operator in the UK even though you contracted your illness at a foreign hotel.

We are able to determine at an early stage whether your illness is something for which you can claim compensation for. We have successfully represented holidaymakers who have suffered food poisoning, water poisoning, ear infections and legionnaire's disease.

Accidents Abroad

Holiday Hotel Watch

New legislation means that if you have an accident in a European Union (EU) country then you can sue in the UK. Whether you are injured in your accommodation or whilst using overseas transport, we would be pleased to hear from anyone that wants some advice.

Cruise or Boat Accidents

Trips, slips and falls are particularly common on-board cruise liners. The Package Travel Regulations 1992 and the Athens Convention ensure that all passengers are protected in the event of experiencing such injuries following an accident. The law can be quite complicated for accidents on boats as a claim is dependent on where you were travelling to and from. The travel team will sort out any legal complexities to ensure you make a successful holiday claim.

More About the Travel Team

Whilst working for a previous law firm, Nick Harris realised he could establish a leading holiday claims practice by bringing together a team of specialist lawyers that also knew the travel industry inside out - he now leads the team at Simpson Millar LLP.

Simon Lomax, Illness and Accident Claims Manager, did not hesitate to join the team when offered a position. Simon had previously worked for Airtours, First Choice and Thompson Holidays as their Litigation Manager. Nick strengthened the team by bringing in Group Actions expert, Paul Stevens who had worked in a senior role at Thomas Cook for over 10 years and Andrew Tarling who had also worked for the tour operator giant.

Experienced Travel Solicitor, James Blower also joined the team and handles some of the more unusual claims.

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