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Holiday Compensation Claim Rejected by Tour Operator


So you’ve had a nightmare holiday maybe because of an illness caught at your holiday hotel or an accident at the resort. The first thing that you’re likely to do when you return home to the UK is complain to the Tour Operator, however this could be the 2nd thing as hopefully you complained to your rep whilst you were on holiday!

Tour Operators such as Thomson, First Choice, Thomas Cook and Cosmos deal with thousands of holiday complaints each year. The complaints range from holiday illnesses and accidents to poor accommodation and travel delays.

Many complaints are dealt with by the Tour Operators to the satisfaction of the customer. However, many complaints and particularly illness complaints are rejected by the Tour Operator.

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The Tour Operator has rejected my claim – What can I do?

A typical response from a Tour Operator to a claim of illness caught on holiday might be that the illness was not food poisoning but in fact caused by other ‘external’ factors such as a change in diet or a change in the climate, excessive sunbathing or too much alcohol.

Holidaymakers are often dismayed to receive these types of responses especially when the whole family has suffered with illness or they are aware of other hotel guests who were also ill.

In some instances the Tour Operator may offer you a Holiday Compensation Voucher or another form of ‘Goodwill Gesture’ and you will have to think carefully before accepting these.

Quite often though the Tour Operator will simply fully reject your holiday illness claim and offer you nothing!

It’s at this point that Simpson Millar can help you.

Simpson Millar – What can we do?

Contact our team of experienced specialist travel Lawyers and we will do the following:

  • Provide you with free initial advice about what options are available to you following the rejection of your claim by the Tour Operator
  • Suggest alternative options available to you, such as a complaint to ABTA or a Small Claims matter, if we are unable to help you directly
  • Take on your holiday illness claim if you have suffered food poisoning providing; you have only eaten food provided by the hotel during your holiday and the holiday you booked was a ‘Package’ holiday on a Conditional Fee Agreement also known as a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement
  • Provide you with a team of experienced Travel specialists to expertly handle your holiday illness claim

Contact Simpson Millar today and find out how we can help you.

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