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Top 5 Holiday Accidents

If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault on a package holiday your package holiday tour operator might be held responsible. This means you may be able to make a personal injury claim in the UK even if the accident happened abroad. This page provides information on some of the most common types of holiday accidents. Details of what to do in the event that you have had a holiday accident can be found on the holiday accident compensation page. Have a look at our case studies that resulted in successful holiday accident claims.

  • Balcony Accidents


    There have been a number of high profile balcony accidents in recent years and for obvious reasons, the injuries that can be sustained as a result of a balcony fall can be significant. Thankfully these kind of accidents are relatively uncommon. If you have children it is important to be aware of the furniture on the balcony as they may be inclined to climb on these. If you have a tendency to sleep walk then it is important to ensure that access to the balcony is restricted when sleeping. In most counties there will be requirements for balconies to be of a certain high and to be constructed in a way to minimise the risk of an accident. These regulations may not always be adhered to.

  • Swimming Pool Accidents

    Pool Side

    Many holiday accidents occur in or around the swimming pool. It is important to always follow pool rules and regulations when on holiday as these accidents can result in injuries ranging from minor bruising to severe brain damage. Diving into the shallow end of a pool for example can be fatal. We encounter many complaints where holidaymakers sustain laceration injuries from broken pool tiles or from glass in the pool. Dirty pools can also be a cause of severe illness. If an accident is caused by a pool defect or a failure to comply with pool regulations then a compensation claim may be possible.

  • Trips, slips and falls

    Watch Step

    Tripping accidents are extremely common abroad and the cause of these accidents can be wide and varied. Often hazards such as trailing wires are left by hotel staff or contractors. On other occasions trips and slips can be caused by poor building or maintenance standards such as dangerously constructed steps or pathways or a lack of lighting. In most developed countries there are standards that hotels have to comply with in order to minimise the chances of tripping accidents occurring. For example there may be regulations requiring handrails to be provided or for stairs to have marked edges and non-slip treads. If these regulations are not followed your tour operator may be liable to pay compensation for injuries caused by a tripping accident.

  • Waterslide Accidents

    Water Slide

    An increasing number of hotels now have waterparks attached to them and these can be great fun. However, we do seem to be receiving increasing numbers of reports relating to waterslide accidents. It is important to follow the slide rules and regulations and to follow the guidance of hotel lifeguards when using the slides. Injuries may potentially be caused if the design or building of the slide is flawed, if the slide has developed a defect or if the slides are not supervised as intended. In most countries slides and splash pools will have to comply with strict regulations and if an accident is caused by a failure to comply, a successful compensation claim may be possible.

  • Slipping Hazards

    Wet Floor

    Although they may not make headline news, one of the most common accidents that are encountered abroad are slipping accidents. These often occur where cleaning has taken place and a floor has been left wet with no warning signs in place, or sometimes where a spillage or a leak has been left unattended. During a package holiday, if a hotel fails to exercise skill and care then the tour operator is likely to be liable to pay compensation for injuries caused by slipping hazards.

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