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Hotel Health & Safety Hygiene Checklist – Guidance Notes

The health and safety checklist is primarily intended for people that have suffered illness during their holiday.

It is completely optional as to whether you wish to submit the audit to us although its completion would be useful for those that have suffered illness on holiday and want to know if they have good grounds to make a claim.

This checklist is available as a PDF to print and download here.

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Tour Operator / Travel Company
Do the waiting and serving staff appear to be wearing clean and protective clothes?
Are staff involved in the serving of food using gloves and hairnets?
Do the food handling staff appear to be washing their hands regularly?
Are handwashing facilities available at show cooking areas?
Does the buffet service area appear to be clean and tidy?
Is steam visible from the hot food in the buffet?
Is cold food such as meats and deserterts refridgerated?
Have you witnessed any staff checking the food temperatures?
Are staff using the same utensils and chopping boards in the preparation of hot and cold food?
Does the ice cream show any signs of melting?
Is food being recycled (for breakfast lunch and dinner)?
Is old food being topped up with new food?
Have you seen the presence of the pests, including flies, birds, cats, cockroaches, rats or mice in the restaurant?
Do the tables in the hotel restaurant appear clean and tidy?
Are the tables cleaned after each sitting with disinfectent?
Do the restaurant toilets appear clean and tody?
Is hot water and soap available in the restaurant service area?
Have you or any other member of your party been ill while on holiday?
Would you like free legal advice about your illness when you return to the UK?
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