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Group Holiday Illness Compensation - Be Part of the Group


If you have been on a package holiday with a UK Tour Operator and have suffered with sickness or illness whilst staying at the hotel or onboard a cruise ship, then you can claim Holiday Compensation for your Illness. If you were one of several people that suffered with illness then joining together with them to form a group will help you all in pursing your Holiday Compensation Claim.

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Joining a group holiday compensation claim has a number of advantages over making a claim on your own, particularly where holiday illness is involved. Holiday illness involving food poisoning is usually associated with affecting many people who are staying at the hotel.

For the group holiday compensation claim to succeed it is essential to prove that the cause of the illness outbreak is the fault of the hotel resort or cruise ship. This is the difficult part of the holiday compensation claim.

If you are suffering with illness at the hotel and you see other guests suffering with similar symptoms then get talking to them and exchange contact details. The more people that join the group then the more evidence there is to be gathered against the UK Tour Operator. It is better to have ten people all saying the same thing than just one person.

The travel team at Simpson Millar have particular experience and expertise in handling large group holiday compensation claims from several different holiday destinations.

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Four tips for a successful Group Holiday Compensation Claim

  • Report your illness to the Tour Operator Rep – alert them to the problem
  • Get to know your fellow suffering holidaymakers – exchange your contact details with them and contact them when you are back in the UK
  • Visit the doctor when you get home – ask for a stool sample to be tested
  • Contact a Group Holiday Compensation Claims Specialist to assist you with your claim

Illnesses you could contract whilst staying at your hotel resort include Salmonella, Campylobacter and Shigella, all caused by food poisoning. Cryptosporidium and Shigella could also be contracted from the swimming pool. These infections can cause long term health problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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