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Group Holiday Complaints


Have you had a group holiday which has been ruined by a fault of your tour operator? Our holiday complaints lawyers at specialise in providing services relating to illnesses and injury abroad, however we can also help you make a group claim if your holiday was mis-sold due to quality issues with your hotel.

Holiday Compensation

Holiday Group Claims – What is a Group Action Claim?

Wherever you have been on holiday our holiday claims team can help you claim compensation for a holiday group claim if you booked your holiday as a package holiday.

Pursuing a group action claim for a ruined holiday doesn’t just include the group of people you went on holiday with. You can also make a holiday group claim with a number of other people you met on holiday that also want to make a holiday claim.

A holiday group claim can be made whether it was down to health and safety risks at your hotel which may have caused an accident or illness, or if your holiday was mis-sold for any other reason.

How To Make A Holiday Group Claim

Our team of holiday claims specialists can advise you on what you need to do when making a holiday group claim as a result of quality issues.

If you went on holiday in a group, be sure to make sure you keep a timeline of events of all the problems that each person encountered on holiday, any complaints that were made and what was done to resolve these. If any party in your group also suffered an illness or accident as a result of the health and safety risks at your hotel, keep a diary of the symptoms they suffered, who they saw about this, how long it was before their symptoms resided and what, if any treatment was given.

It may be that whilst you are on holiday you also meet a number of other people who have experienced similar problems with your hotel. It is necessary that you take all contact details of any other parties to make a holiday group claim. You should ensure that you gather as much details from them including any photographs and complaint forms. The more holidaymakers who have suffered a ruined holiday, the higher the chance of pursuing a successful group action claim.

Holiday Compensation

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If you have been mis-sold your holiday and want to make a holiday group claim, call us or fill in our enquiry form to talk to one of our holiday complaints specialists. We provide a FREE initial assessment of how you can claim holiday group compensation.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Holiday Group Claim

When making a holiday group claim, your claim will be pursued with the rest of your holiday group. Details of all your losses will be gathered and added together to recover a total settlement in respect of all parties to your claim. We aim to recover the full cost of the holiday with expenses for each person as well as any loss of enjoyment suffered for each person.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our holiday claims team will pursue a claim for you and the rest of your holiday group on a no win no fee basis. If you want to make a group claim for a ruined holiday that was mis-sold, we will charge 33% plus VAT of any holiday compensation you recover.

If your group holiday claim arises from an accident or illness we will refer you to our team of specialised lawyers who deal with personal injury abroad. Please see our separate accidents and illnesses section for further information relating to our charges in this area.

To get a free assessment of your holiday claim, call to speak with one of our holiday claims lawyers today on 0808 145 1353.