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How to Claim Compensation for Food Poisoning on Holiday

The traditional view for prevention of food related illness while abroad was that it could be avoided by following basic food hygiene such as regular hand washing and consuming only boiled, cooked or foods you peeled yourself.

However, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention it is likely that poor hygiene practice in restaurants is the most likely cause of traveller’s illnesses.

So am I entitled to make a claim

If you have suffered food poisoning at one of the hotel restaurants and it formed part of a package holiday, you can sue your UK tour operators for compensation.

According to recent data published by Public Health England amongst the most common destinations for food poisoning are Egypt, Tunisia, the Caribbean and Mexico and this trend is replicated in the enquires made through our website.

I need Help with a Food Poisoning Claim

It is our experience that common food poisoning bugs such as salmonella and E. coli cause severe symptoms such as diarrhoea and stomach cramps for a period of around 7 days and there often follows a chronic phase resulting in irritable bowel syndrome that can take months or sometimes years to recover from. There are circumstances whereby symptoms can last indefinitely.

Food Poisoning and Holiday Compensation Get Medical Help

Those suffering from food poisoning on holiday are advised to seek medical advice if they are still on holiday and visit their GP or A&E department when they arrive back in the UK.

Let us help you
  • We offer advice on your precise legal rights if your holiday has been ruined by food poisoning.
  • a Our large team of lawyers specialise in bringing individual claims and class actions for food poisoning against large travel companies such as Thomas Cook and First Choice.
Our Experts

Nick Harris is Head of Travel Law at Simpson Millar LLP and has provided advice to thousands of consumers from Scotland, England and Wales about traveller's illnesses’s suffered overseas.

Paul Stevens, Group Holiday Claims Manager, at Simpson Millar LLP has 15 years of experience of dealing with food poisoning claims. Before joining Simpson Millar’s Holiday Law Department, he was responsible for defending group actions for Thomas Cook. He has now helped hundreds of consumers successfully sue their tour operators for compensation.

Clients we have helped

Successfully concluded cases include:

  • Representing over 100 sue First Choice for traveller’s diarrhoea type illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt.
  • Helping a victim of salmonella on a Thomson Cruise claim over £10000 in compensation for the associated food poisoning symptoms and estimated 5 year irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Assisting a holiday maker struck down with gastroenteritis at a hotel in Sharm el Sheikh sue Thomas Cook for £8000.

Get Free Advise

We offer a free legal advice service to anyone that wants to know more about their rights when it comes to suing their tour operator for food poisoning. We can advise you what your claim may be worth and how to commence a formal personal injury claim.

We can also discuss how we may be able to represent you in a legal claim for food poisoning and the services we offer to successfully bring a claim.

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