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First Choice Complaints


During the months August to October, the travel lawyers at Simpson Millar experience increased enquiries from holidaymakers that have had their First Choice holidays ruined by illness, accidents and other problems relating to their accommodation.

First Choice is part of Tui Travel Plc who also own Thomson and many other tour operators.

The specialist travel lawyers at Simpson Millar are able to advise holiday makers about whether their offer of compensation from their tour operator is fair and whether they should make a claim against First Choice Holidays.

How can I complain against First Choice Holidays?

The moment something has gone wrong on your holiday it is vital that you complain to your holiday representative as soon as possible. If there is no holiday representative, you should call the tour operator and give them the opportunity to resolve your First Choice complaint.

It is likely that the First Choice Booking Conditions will compel you to complain to the reception if you have problems with your First Choice hotel. It is vital that you complain about your holiday whilst you are there. If the representative has not provided you with a First Choice complaint form, make sure you ask for one as you will need it to claim compensation from First Choice when you arrive back to the UK.

Usually, you will have to complain in writing within 28 days upon your return to the UK and under The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) guidelines, First Choice will have 28 days to respond to your complaint.

If you have an accident or illness you may want to consider instructing a solicitor to help you.

Freephone: 0808 145 1353 or fill in the enquiry form above.

How can I claim for my accident or illness caused by First Choice

If you decide to make a direct claim against First Choice for your accident or illness their customer legal department may provide you with forms to complete. We would emphasise extreme caution when completing claim forms from First Choice because information you provide may harm your prospects of making a successful Holiday Compensation Claim.

If you have been offered compensation by First Choice holidays for an accident or illness, we would urge you to contact us as we may be able to advise whether your compensation offer is fair. You may think that an offer by First Choice of a full refund of the cost of your holiday may be reasonable – but your entitlement to holiday compensation may be considerably more.

You can claim compensation against a tour operator not just for the lost holiday but for the pain and suffering, additional expenses and loss of enjoyment as well.

A full refund of the cost of the holiday may be fair compensation if you have not suffered an accident or illness. However, a full refund of your holiday cost may be very low if you have had an injury or food poisoning on holiday.

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How to prove a claim against First Choice

When making any claim against a tour operator, evidence is key. This is why it is vital that you gather evidence including complaint forms, receipts, photographs and that you keep a diary of all the problems you experienced.

When you complete a complaint form, which Fist Choice may call a Customer Service Report Form, it is important to remember that your representative will provide another report with their views that you will not see. You should keep your own documents because the First Choice Holiday representative may present a different version of events to you.

If you have had an accident or illness on holiday, be wary of providing evidence to First Choice immediately as you may be better advised to contact a travel solicitor first.

How to make a Travel Claim for Illness or Accidents against First Choice

If your accident or illness has lasted more than 7 days we recommend that you instruct a travel lawyer to help with making a claim against First Choice.

If your injury or food poisoning was not your fault, we can do all the hard work for you. You may have to prove that there has been a failure to comply with local regulations if you had an accident in which case we strongly recommend that you contact Simpson Millar who have the expertise and contacts to help you prove your Holiday Compensation Claim.

What our clients say about Simpson Millar Travel Lawyers

In making a successful Holiday Illness Compensation Claim involving a hotel in Egypt, Mr. Lofts said of the service by Simpson Millar:

“All I had to do was tell it how it was and fill a few forms out”.

Ms. Graham, who was part of the same group, said:

“Everything made easy and simple. Fantastic Service”.

These clients of Simpson Millar were successful in obtaining thousands of pounds. They kept all the compensation that Simpson Millar were able to claim on their behalf.

Contact us today to find out whether you can make a successful claim. Our unique travel lawyers are amongst the best in the industry.

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