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Compensation for E. Coli 0157 on Holiday

E. coli 0157 is the technical name for the bug that is the most common cause of traveller’s diarrhoea. It can also be referred to as ‘VTEC’ (Vero cytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli).

The symptoms will usually be sickness and diarrhoea, often containing blood. You can find out definitively whether you contracted E. coli 0157 by submitting a stool sample to your GP upon your return to the UK. Note that in some circumstances the stool sample will come back negative even though you are still experiencing symptoms. This is because the infection has been worked through your system or the medication that you took on holiday such as Ciprofloxacin or Antinal has killed off the bacteria.

According to Public Health England the infection is typically associated with undercooked meat, particularly minced beef but it has also been associated with milk and poultry.

The association between minced beef and E. coli is something that we are particularly familiar with. A number of our clients that return to the UK with a confirmed diagnosis of E. coli have advised us about their concerns over the beef burgers served at the poolside snack bars in all inclusive hotels.

We are often informed about pre-cooked burgers that are left in containers at room temperature – which gives the bacteria time to grow. When burgers are cooked by the chefs in hotel snack bars, we have received reports of the same utensils being used to prepare the raw and the cooked burgers. We have also heard of burgers being served raw in the middle.

Starting a compensation claim for E. Coli contracted on holiday?

If you have had a diagnosis of E. coli confirmed by your doctor following a stay at an all-inclusive hotel, a claim can be made against your tour operator – as long as you have booked a package holiday.

In any circumstance where you think you may have contracted E. coli at a overseas hotel we would advise you to contact one of our dedicated holiday food poisoning lawyers for a free telephone consultation in which we can advise you about your rights.

If we think you have good prospects of succeeding and we think that your claim for pain and suffering will be more than £1000 we can represent you in claim against the company that organised your package holiday. This means even though your illness was contracted abroad, you can bring a claim in the UK without the complications of having to sue an overseas hotelier.

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How can we help with an E. Coli Compensation Claim?

Once we have agreed to act on your behalf, our services include:

  • Negotiating your compensation with the tour operator
  • Arranging a medical consultation (usually by telephone) with a doctor Putting pressure on the holiday company to settle the claim, in the event of a denial of liability
  • Drawing up all of the paper work and writing letters to the tour operator on your behalf
  • Representing you in court (although going to court for E. Coli claims is very rare because the Defendant will usually agree an out-of-court settlement or admit responsibility)

Compensation Amounts for E. Coli

Much will depend on the nature and the extent of the illness and the categories of compensation you can claim for.

If you suffered symptoms of E Coli while on holiday and the holiday company is at fault, you can expect to recover compensation for the proportion of the holiday that was ruined by illness in addition to an amount for the loss of enjoyment experienced.

Compensation for the pain and suffering from E. coli can be anything between £500 and £75,000 in extreme cases where there was kidney failure as a result of your infection.

Additionally, you can claim compensation for the pain and suffering experienced during and after your return from holiday together with out of pocket expenses such as loss of earnings and prescription charges.

For advice on whether you have a valid claim, Contact us on 0808 145 1353 for a free telephone consultation or complete our online form.

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Dated: 03/02/2014

Holiday Claims Expert Paul Stevens