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Norwich Man claims back over £3000 from Thomson Holiday for Sickness Bug at Sensatori Hotel in Mexico

A businessman from Norfolk has successfully claimed back over £3000 in compensation for a bout of sickness and diarrhoea suffered at the Sensatori Hotel in Mexico, featured by Thomson, one of the UK’s largest tour operators.

The Sensatori brand is well known for its high standards of luxury and the Sensartori Mexico Resort is marketed in particular for its fine dining and restaurant quality. However, partway through the holiday Mr Cooke was struck down with a short lived, but serious gastric illness.

While at the hotel, Mr Cooke noted a few problems such as birds around the restaurant, buffet food being stored at temperatures that did not seem hot enough and a strong smell of sewage around the hotel. While still at the resort he contacted a specialist travel lawyer at Simpson Millar LLP for some advice about what he needs to do if he wants to claim against Thomson.

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Simpson Millar LLP Called upon for Legal Assistance

Mr Cooke was advised to do what we would advise anyone to do who suffers from a sickness bug while on holiday – that is to gather evidence in support of his claim. He was advised to take photographs of any hygiene concerns he may have and keep hold of any receipts relating to medication – as well as obtaining the contact details of anyone else that was ill. He had already reported his illness to the holiday representative and completed a complaint form provided by the Thomson holiday representative.

As soon as he arrived back in the UK he decided to instruct Simpson Millar LLP to help him with his claim. Within a couple of months a comprehensive letter was sent detailing his claim, the TUI UK Customer Legal Department made a reasonable starting offer to settle the claim – although Mr Cooke was advised it was not high enough as it did not really take into consideration the significant loss of enjoyment associated with the illness.

After putting the case to Thomson, the case then settled for a sensible amount –in line with he would have been awarded had the matter gone to court, the matter settled for in excess of £3000.

Holiday Illness Linked to Restaurant Safety

The symptoms that Mr Cooke suffered from were consistent with what is known as "Traveller's Diarhhoea" which is usually associated with germs that include E. coli and salmonella.

While it used to be thought that this common holiday illness is just something you get when travelling to places like Mexico, as the Centres for Disease Control and Infection concludes, studies now show poor hygiene practices in restaurants is the largest contributor.

Holidaymakers struck down by illness are advised to seek medical attention as quickly as possible or else they could be left with symptoms that last indefinitely such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Help with Holiday Illness Complaints

Mr Cooke and his partner are not the only people that have stayed at a Sensatori hotel to have successfully claimed compensation against Thomson. Simpson Millar LLP have recently helped a couple from Hertfordshire claim back over £7000 for infective gastroenteritis suffered at the Sensatori Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

The team specialise in helping people that have had their holidays ruined by sickness bugs. At this time of year, Mexico is particularly popular for UK customers while the cold weather hits popular European destinations such as Spain and Turkey.

We can be contacted today for free advice about problems associated with illness whilst on holiday - whether you are still abroad or have recently returned home. One email could ensure that you receive all of your money back for your ruined holiday plus compensation for the distress and inconvenienced suffered.

Dated: 28/01/2014

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