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£5500 in Compensation for Salmonella at the Makadi Palace in Egypt

A lady from Manchester has successfully claimed back £5500 in compensation for salmonella food poisoning that she contracted while staying at the Makadi Palace in the popular holiday resort of Hurghada in Egypt.

Mrs Allison booked what she hoped what would be 7 days of glorious sunshine with a group of friends. Unfortunately, part of the way through the holiday she developed diarrhoea and vomiting which, she found out later when she returned to the UK, turned out to be salmonella.

Salmonella is a bug that is often associated with undercooked chicken and turkey but, dependent on what kind of strain it is, can possibly be prevented by chefs and restaurant staff adopting basic food hygiene principles. The exact cause of Mrs Allison’s infection was not known. However she was staying at the Makadi Palace hotel on an all-inclusive basis, a possible source of the infection was the hotel buffet.

While staying at the hotel she noticed that food that should have been served hot was served lukewarm, flies were present around the buffet area and old trays of food appeared to be mixed with new trays which meant it was impossible to know how long it had been standing there for.

Legal Representation for Salmonella Illness Victim

Disappointed that part of her holiday had been ruined she asked Paul Stevens, Group Travel Claims Manager at Simpson Millar Solicitors, in assist in a claim against her tour operator, Red Seas Holidays.

Paul was able to present Mrs Allison’s case to them and obtained a medical report in order to help prove her claim.

While the tour operator did not admit liability, they agreed to compensation Mrs Allison in line with what she would have been awarded had the matter gone to court.

Paul advised:

"I was very pleased about the outcome for my client in this instance. Salmonella claims can be difficult to win but Mrs Allison did the right thing in seeking legal representation for her claim against Red Sea Holidays. Many claims brought against tour operators without legal representation can result in miniscule settlements that bear no resemblance to the amount a client may receive by appointing a travel lawyer."

"My client also did the right thing by booking a package holiday which meant that she could bring a claim in the UK against her UK based tour operator."

"While it does seem possible that the infection could have been prevented had the hotel in Egypt adopted higher standards of hygiene, Red Sea Holidays should be applauded for settling the claim with little fuss. It is my experience of this particular tour operator is that they always seem to compensate their customers properly once we are involved if they think they may be liable."

After receiving 100% of her compensation, Mrs Allison confirmed that she thought the outcome of her case was excellent and when asked whether she would recommend Simpson Millar, she advised "Absolutely Yes!"

Simpson Millar has helped numerous people with claims against Red Sea Holidays for illness suffered at a number of hotels including the Sharm Plaza and the Ghazala Gardens in Sharm El Sheikh. They can be contacted today for free advice to those wishing to make a claim for sickness suffered on an Egyptian holiday.

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Dated: 25/02/2014

Holiday Claims Expert Paul Stevens