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Swimming pool cut at Blue Lagoon Resort in Kos wins little girl £4,800 compensation from Thomson Holidays

Probably the most important element of any summer holiday is the swimming pool. It’s the focal point of the hotel, where the kids can play and the adults can relax. However, quite often the swimming pool can also be the source of many of the problems that can occur whist on holiday.

Accidents can be a major problem with broken tiles and grids; slippy pool sides and steps all potential sources of injury. Drowning incidents can also sadly occur at hotels abroad caused mainly by a lack of supervision.

Severe laceration

One little girl from Glossop in Derbyshire was staying at the Blue Lagoon Resort in Kos with her family for her aunt’s wedding. While playing in the swimming pool she decided to get out at the side. As she climbed out of the swimming pool her leg went through a broken plastic pool grid. The sharp edges caused a severe laceration to her knee. The laceration was so serious that it required immediate medical attention and the application of several stitches.

The horrific injury meant the 7 year old was unable to go in the swimming pool for the rest of the holiday and was forced to wear a large bandage on her leg which spoiled the look of her bridesmaid dress during her aunt’s wedding.

Even after she returned to the UK she continued to feel self-conscious at school about the large scar that had been left on her leg.

Holiday accident help

With their holiday ruined and their daughter’s leg the Johnson family from Glossop turned to Simpson Millar LLP for help. With accidents abroad dependant on what the local standard is, it was very important that the Johnson family chose solicitors with the correct specialist knowledge in dealing with these types of accidents. Simpson Millar routinely handles claims involving accidents abroad and agreed to take on Miss Johnson’s case.

Simpson Millar successfully pursued Thomson Holidays for £4,800 compensation after Thomson Holidays admitted liability for the injuries that Miss Johnson had sustained at the side of the swimming pool. Mrs Johnson commented that the service she received from Simpson Millar was "very good" and that she was "kept up to date" with how the claim was proceeding.

Holidaymakers who have suffered injuries through similar accidents on holiday are encouraged to speak to Simpson Millar solicitors who can provide advice and help if you are thinking about pursuing a claim against your tour operator.

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Dated: 04/02/2014

Holiday Claims Expert James Blower