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£31,000 settlement agreed with First Choice for Salmonella food poisoning at Club Almirante Farragut Hotel in Menorca

A man from Staffordshire has been awarded a substantial compensation settlement from the tour operator First Choice following a devastating bout of Salmonella food poisoning which left him permanently deaf in one ear.

Holiday Sickness Compensation

Simpson Millar LLP solicitors successfully helped Mr W pursue a claim for compensation against First Choice for the salmonella food poisoning he contracted whilst on holiday and the subsequent hearing loss he suffered as a result of the infection.

Claiming compensation for Salmonella Food poisoning

Mr W booked an all-inclusive package holiday with First Choice to stay at the Club Almirante Farragut in Menorca with his wife in September 2011. Mr W began to feel unwell towards the end of his holiday and on his return to the UK was quickly admitted to hospital suffering with severe renal failure due to the salmonella food poisoning. After spending several days in intensive care he slowly began to recover but to his horror discovered that he could no longer hear in his left ear.

Mr W had only eaten food provided by the hotel during his holiday which meant that the hotel was the most likely source of the salmonella infection, which is often present on raw meat. Large numbers of the salmonella bacteria must be present in the food consumed to cause food poisoning. The salmonella bacteria pass through to the small intestine where they will multiply. As the numbers increase, some of the cells release a poisonous substance causing the gastric illness. For more information on food safety standards, go to the Food Standards Agency website

How can I claim compensation from my Tour Operator?

All holidaymakers who book a package holiday with a tour operator such as First Choice or Thomas Cook are protected by legislation called the Package Travel Regulations 1992. It means that a tour operator is liable in the UK for the improper performance of the holiday contract you have entered into.

Holiday Hotel Watch

This means that if you have suffered an illness or sustained an injury whilst on holiday which was caused by the negligence of the hotel then you can pursue a claim against your tour operator in the UK for compensation.

Holiday Claims specialists who can help you

With his health and life severely affected by salmonella food poisoning, Mr W chose Simpson Millar to help him pursue his claim against First Choice.

Simpson Millar successfully sued First Choice and secured a substantial £31,000 compensation settlement for Mr W. When asked to sum up the service provided by Simpson Millar’s solicitors, he said:

"It was very straightforward. James Blower conducted my case. James kept me informed and dealt with my case in a professional, courteous and practical manner. He had empathy with the trauma that I and my family have endured. I cannot fault his service in any way. Thank you."

Senior Holiday Claims Solicitor, James Blower, commented:

"Mr W not only suffered with an extremely bad bout of salmonella food poisoning but was also left with permanent hearing loss in one ear. This has substantially impacted on his home life and his ability to work. It was imperative that we achieved a settlement figure that reflected both the seriousness of what had happened to Mr W and the problems that would continue to affect him for the rest of his life."

Holidaymakers who suffer salmonella food poisoning abroad in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Cuba and Spain may want to pursue a compensation claim against their tour operator. Consider speaking to one of the lawyers in Simpson Millar’s travel team for some free advice regarding making a claim for compensation.

Dated: 15/01/2014