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Over £2,000 in Compensation for Tropicana Grand Azure Illness Bug

A lady from Kent has won a legal battle with First Choice for traveller’s diarrhoea while staying at the Tropicana Grand Azure in Sharm el Sheikh, the popular Egyptian holiday resort.

About 3 nights into the holiday booked with First Choice, Ms Earl experienced symptoms which included stomach cramps, diarrhoea and headaches which put pay to the enjoyable holiday that her and her husband were experiencing.

Legal Action against First Choice for Food Poisoning

Having had a large proportion of her holiday ruined by illness, Ms Earl approached Simpson Millar’s Travel Lawyers for assistance and they were able to take her case on a no win no fee funding basis.

Holiday Egypt Illness

A number of allegations were made about the hotel including concerns over various hygiene issues and while no admission of liability was made by First Choice, quite sensible they made an offer to settle the whole of Ms Earl’s claim.

Ms Earl was able to claim compensation against First Choice for the illness suffered at the Tropicana Grand Azure because she had booked a package holiday which meant that First Choice were responsible for her safety.

Had she only booked the accommodation as opposed to a package which included flights and transfers as well, it is likely that she would have to sue for her illness in Egypt, which would have been extremely difficult.

Holiday Food Poisoning Lawyer Praised for Dedication and Excellent overall Service

Upon receiving 100 per cent of her compensation, Ms Earl was quick to praise Paul Stevens, the lawyer who handled her case advising that he was “Very helpful - all answers to the questions were explained in simple terms and he was pleasant to speak to.”

Ms Earl confirmed that she thought that the outcome of her case was excellent.”

When asked to comment on the outcome, Paul advised:

Holiday Hotel Watch

“Ms Earl was well within her rights to make a claim against First Choice for the traveller’s diarrhoea suffered in Egypt. People often think that traveller’s diarrhoea is something you just get on holiday and no one is at fault.”

However, as the NHS website makes clear, traveller’s diarrhoea is usually caused by contaminated food and water. The bugs that cause the type of illness experienced by Ms Earl include Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Shigella and Campylobacter, all of which have been linked to hotels in Egypt.

“While I am pleased that Ms Earl was adequately compensated, she should not have experienced the illness in the first place”.

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If you have suffered from gastric illness on holiday in Egypt and have booked a package holiday, we would be more than willing to hear from you as you may be able to claim substantial food poisoning.

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Dated: 14/04/2013