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Manchester lady Wins over £7,000 in Compensation for Egyptian Stomach Bug at the Tropicana Grand Azure

The UK’s leading travel law firm has helped a lady from Manchester successfully sue her tour operator for an illness bug suffered on a holiday to Egypt.

Mrs Paley was staying at the Tropicana Grand Azure when she was struck down with symptoms of food poisoning including sickness and diarrhoea which ruined the rest of her holiday.

Upon her return to the UK she spoke to one of our holiday food poisoning lawyers, Simon Lomax, who advised that she make an illness claim against Olympic Holidays because they were the organisers of her package holiday and were therefore responsible for her safety.

Holiday Illness

She decided to instruct Simon to represent her and after a brief legal battle with Olympic, they promptly crumbled and Mrs Paley’s Egyptian illness claim was successful.

Can I Claim Compensation for an Egyptian Tummy Bug?

While many people are accepting of the fact that they suffer illness on holiday, few realise how easy it is to claim compensation for holiday stomach upsets when the right people are involved in helping them.

When it comes to taking legal action against a tour operator, Simpson Millar boasts the most experienced food poisoning lawyers in the UK. Most of our lawyers have actually worked for the major tour operators - including Thomas Cook and First Choice - and have inside knowledge of their policies and procedures.

If you are thinking about making a claim for your gastric illness, we take cases on a no win no fee funding basis.

We will do our best to ensure a positive outcome like we did for Mrs Paley who kept 100 per cent of her compensation.

Simpson Millar praised for “Excellent Service”

When asked about the outcome of her case Mrs Paley advised that her illness compensation pay out exceeded her expectations. She said that the service was excellent and she was “Well pleased” her result.

Group Food Poisoning Claims Lawyer, Simon, advised:

“Tour Operators know when they come across a Holiday Lawyer at Simpson Millar, they will have their work cut out if they want to defend holiday illness claims.”

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“We are able to successfully prosecute illness claims against tour operators because we enjoy what we do and leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping people who have had their holiday ruined by gastric illness.”

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If you would like to speak to us today about your illness, our friendly down-to-earth approach means that you will have no trouble understanding what your rights are.

Wen appreciate that the summer holiday is the most important time of the year for some families and if you have had your summer holiday ruined by illness, we may well be able to help you.

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Dated: 10/04/2013