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Holidaymaker wins £9,000 after Suffering Salmonella at the Sahara Beach Hotel, Tunisia

A 20 year old holidaymaker has won £9,000 in compensation from Thomson holidays, after contracting a severe and debilitating case of Salmonella when on holiday with his friends. The illness led to hospitalisation with kidney failure.

Holiday Illness Hell

The young holidaymaker booked an all-inclusive holiday to the Sahara Beach Hotel, Tunisia, with 5 of his friends. The holiday was supposed to be an opportunity to get away for a week and relax in the sun.

However, the young lad spoke of how hygiene was generally very poor at the hotel and food was not up to standard.

He ate a lot of eggs at the hotel, as he was not keen on other food options. Omelette mix was kept in large soup pots and cooked on a gas hob in a frying pan when requested by the guest. The omelettes were cooked for “about a minute at most.”

The same soup pot to store the egg mixture was used every day. The hob and frying pan were dirty and the chef making the omelettes “did not appear very clean either and he did not wear gloves while he was working.”

Severe Salmonella poisoning

He began to experience symptoms of illness towards the end of the holiday and these quickly worsened. He was vomiting regularly at the airport and he developed severe diarrhoea. He had to visit the toilet every 5 minutes and spent the entire flight in the aeroplane toilets.

On arriving home, he suffered continuous vomiting and diarrhoea. His GP told him it was food poisoning and prescribed him Dioralite to replenish lost fluids. This did not work and upon swallowing the pills, he immediately began to vomit.

When trying to sleep, he experienced body spasms and had to visit the toilet regularly. The GP examined a stool sample and it was confirmed that he had contracted Salmonella.

He was so ill with Salmonella poisoning that he had to move to a relative’s house so she could look after him whilst his mum was at work.

He started to find it difficult to breathe, was weak and unable to urinate. His mother called the NHS 24 hour helpline and he was taken to hospital. He was transferred to a hospital specialising in foreign illnesses.

Holiday Hotel Watch

He was hospitalised for 7 days and put on a drip for 5 days. He was severely dehydrated and had to have 12 litres of fluid given to him.

The diarrhoea was constant and he went to the toilet about 25 times a day.

Long term effects of the illness

He suffered back pains caused by pain in his kidneys and continues to suffer today. He also suffers severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms which are estimated to last up to 3 years.

The illness has affected his life significantly. He was supposed to move to live with his girlfriend and to start a new job. This move was delayed for 2 months whilst he was suffering and he lost wages because of it.

Claiming against Thomson for the illness

Under the Package Holiday Regulations 1992, we put in a claim on behalf of the holidaymaker against Thomson, as the tour operators for his holiday.

Thomson delayed the case significantly as they were slow with responding to communications.

Medical evidence was sent to Thomson with an offer of compensation. Thomson accepted our offer straight away and he was awarded £9,000 compensation for the illness he suffered.

Dated: 06/06/2013