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Cuban Holiday Nightmare Ends in Compensation Victory Settlement

A lady from Scotland has won a £3,000 settlement after contracting a serious Campylobacter infection while holidaying in Cuba.

Mrs Dillon approached Simpson Millar Solicitors after she returned home from the Sol Cayo Santa Maria Hotel in Cuba suffering from a range of symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Upon consulting her doctor back in the UK it was confirmed she had picked up a Campylobacter infection during her holiday.

Campylobacter Compensation

Campylobacter is a serious infection that can be contracted through poor hygiene standards and food preparation. The result of contracting the illness was that Mrs Dillon’s holiday was severely disrupted and she continued to be ill even after returning home. Mrs Dillon was so ill she was forced into taking time off work.

Holiday Hotel Watch

The holiday in Cuba had been booked through the tour operator Thomas Cook. Mrs Dillon brought her case against Thomas Cook with the help and support of Simpson Millar’s specialist Travel Team.

Simpson Millar is extremely experienced in handling holiday food poisoning cases such as Mrs Dillon’s.

Simpson Millar took on her case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. Mrs Dillon only consumed food and drinks within the hotel complex and had only swum in the hotel swimming pool. Contaminated pool water can also be a source of a Campylobacter infection.

Thomas Cook Compensation Settlement

An independent doctor’s report confirmed that Mrs Dillon had suffered severe gastroenteritis as a result of contracting a Campylobacter infection and that it was highly likely that she contracted the illness through contaminated food or drink consumed while staying at the hotel in Cuba.

James Blower, Simpson Millar’s Senior Holiday Claims Specialist, says: “Mrs Dillon approached Simpson Millar after experiencing illness on holiday in Cuba that was later confirmed by her GP to be Campylobacter. The Campylobacter bacteria can cause quite acute illness symptoms which can, as Mrs Dillon experienced, last for quite a while. Mrs Dillon was forced to have time off work because of her illness and lost earnings because of it. We successfully negotiated a compensation settlement of £3,000 with Thomas Cook that Mrs Dillon was very satisfied with.”

Any holidaymakers who have had a similar experience to Mrs Dillon are advised to contact Simpson Millar’s Travel solicitors to see if they are eligible to claim compensation for their holiday illness.

Date: 15/05/2013