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Child Wins £3,000 for Cryptosporidium at the Red Sea Holiday Village

A child from Bradford was awarded £3,000 in claim against First Choice Holidays due to a sickness bug that she suffered from during a summer holiday to Egypt.

Isobel and her Father, Christopher were having the time of their life during their stay at the First Choice hotel when they were struck down with symptoms often associated with “Egyptian Tummy” including sickness, stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

It was not until they arrived back to the UK when Isobel had her stool samples tested that it was determined that the bug causing the symptoms was Cryptosporidium – an infection that is usually associated with swimming pool water that has been contaminated by human faeces.

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Concerned that others would be similarly affected by the bug and wanting compensation for his ruined holiday, our client’s father contacted us for assistance.

We were able to represent Isobel and her Father under a no-win-no- fee claim against First Choice.

Within months of receiving instructions, we were able to settle the father’s claim for in excess of £4,000 – which included a refund of the cost of the holiday.

As Isobel’s symptoms were serious, it was necessary to obtain a medical report that dealt with her symptoms and to ensure that she would not be exposed to any future problems.

The court then approved the settlement in the sum of £3,000.

Victim’s Father delighted with “Excellent” outcome.

Upon receiving his daughter’s compensation cheque Mr Keeys advised that he felt the person handling the claim, Paul Stevens was “very approachable and good at explaining”.

Paul advised:

“Our clients in this case did the right thing in instructing us to help them with their claim”

“Often tour operators make meagre offers to settle cases which are agreed to before consumers have taken legal advice”.

“As Cryptosporidium and infections like it such as salmonella can have long term consequences, it is important that such those health issues are properly dealt with to ensure people receive the compensation they deserve”.

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Simpson Millar is a national law firm that has dedicated travel lawyers that can help people claim compensation for food poisoning suffered in popular destinations including Egypt, Turkey and Spain.

The lawyers at Simpson Millar have helped groups of people that suffered illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Once we are involved, First Choice tend to pay our clients the compensation they deserve.

The Head of Travel Law, Nick Harris, appeared on BBC’s Watchdog last year to warn people about the problems associated with the hotel.

While it was hoped that the problems would come to an end, it seems that the very same issues have cropped against this year.

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Dated: 17/06/2013