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£27,500 In Compensation for Cruise Liner Accident

When our client booked a tour of the Mediterranean aboard the Coral Cruis Liner, she did not anticipate the disastrous consequences which would follow an accident when disembarking at a port in Greece.

Our client, a UK citizen who is now lives in Australia, booked the cruise with full board facilities as a package with Louis Cruises UK Ltd. The tour formed part of once in a lifetime trip to Europe and included stopping at ports in Spain, Italy and France.

On the third day of the cruise while disembarking at a port called Katakolon to board a small life boat tender which would take her ashore, a temporary platform she stepped on collapsed and plunged her face forwards so that she injured her left foot, knee and shoulder.

Cruise Abandoned due to Injury

The seriousness of her injuries was not immediately apparent and she was assessed frequently by the ship’s hospital on board the Coral, especially with regard to the pain her knee was causing her. She received a range of medications, including injections for pain relief – and in hospital in Paris was given further anti-inflammatory medications and a knee splint.

When she travelled on to London she received further treatment where she decided that she would derive no further benefit from her tour.

Our client therefore had to cut short her tour and return to Australia.

After a painful journey home, our client began treatment in Queensland where it was determined she would need a total knee replacement as a consequence of the accident.

Leading Cruise Liner Accident Lawyer Instructed

Frustrated that her trip to Europe has been ruined by the accident, our client decided to instruct a Simpson Millar travel lawyers to represent her. She instructed Paul Stevens who took on the case on a no win no fee basis.

Paul robustly put his client’s case together thoroughly careful reliance on the important facts of the case and use of the applicable law.

Our client was able to make a claim, under the Athens Convention which is the international agreement covering the responsibilities of sea carriers between international ports.

Under the Athens Convention, the cruise liner is obligated to compensate passengers when accidents are caused by the faults or neglect of their staff.

Fault and neglect was alleged because the operators of the cruise had failed to devise a safe disembarkation process for transporting passengers between The Coral and dry land.

Cruise Company Admits Liability for Accident.

Under the pressure from Simpson Millar, the Lawyers for the Louis Cruises admitted liability for the injury.

On behalf of their client, and at no cost to her, all of the client’s medical records were obtained and she was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon for his expert opinion.

The expert opinion was necessary to determine the value of the claim.

He formed the view that a knee replacement was required but even without the accident, our client would have required knee replacement surgery at some point – but this might not have been necessary for another 10 years if the accident had not occurred.

Cruise-ship Victim Compensated for Accident

Simpson Millar sent the medical report to the cruise company, along with details of our client’s claim for compensation.

Holiday Compensation

The cruise company at first offered our client the unsatisfactory sum of just £5,000 in compensation. As no agreement could be reached, Simpson Millar obtained counsel’s opinion – and eventually our client received the vastly increased sum of £27,500 in compensation.

Paul was meticulous in providing evidence to show that prior to the accident our client was completely mobile, despite the pre-existing degenerative condition diagnosed by the medical expert.

The sum included compensation for pain and suffering, medical fees, travel expenses, hotel costs and care and assistance – and our client’s legal costs were paid by the other side as the case had been accepted by us on a no win no fee basis.

The Claimant kept all of her entitlement to compensation and did not have to pay a penny in legal fees.

Do you want to Claim Compensation for a Cruise Liner Accident?

If you have been injured on board a cruise ship, contact Simpson Millar’s friendly specialist holiday claims team by phone or complete the enquiry form for details of how to make a claim for holiday accident compensation.

We will tell you about the potential value of your accident and find a funding arrangement which maximises your entitlement to compensation.

If you take our advice in relation to insuring your claim, we will make sure you receive all of the first £2,000 we are successful in claiming on your behalf.

We have other options available as well including a £500 upfront payment.

Dated: 13/05/2013