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£11,000 Compensation Success for Red Sea Holiday Village Egypt Salmonella nightmare

Simpson Millar’s specialist holiday claims team has dealt with thousands of cases of holiday food poisoning at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt. This particular client developed post-infective irritable bowel syndrome following her Salmonella infection. Her symptoms continued to trouble her for a year after her holiday. Simpson Millar was able to achieve a level of compensation that reflected the impact on her daily life her symptoms were having.

Holiday Sickness Compensation

Our client developed all the classic symptoms of holiday food poisoning while staying at the Red Sea Holiday Village such as severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting, fatigue and other flu-like symptoms. Her symptoms were so severe she visited a local pharmacy for tablets to help ease her symptoms.

Her symptoms continued and she visited her GP on returning home to the UK. A stool sample revealed a confirmed Salmonella infection. The Salmonella diagnosis accounted for the severe symptoms of diarrhoea, sickness, cramps, fever, fatigue and anxiety that she had developed on holiday in Egypt.

The acute symptoms lasted for six weeks and our client had to take time off work as a result.

Making a claim for Salmonella food poisoning

Simpson Millar took on the case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis known as a conditional fee arrangement.

The client had booked an all-inclusive package holiday at the Red Sea Holiday Village through First Choice which meant that she was able to sue them in the UK. The tour operator First Choice refused to accept or deny liability for our client’s illness symptoms.

Under the 1992 Package Travel Regulations, tour operators have a duty to ensure that holidaymakers booked on package holidays do not become ill as a result of lapses in food preparation standards or general hygiene at their hotel.

First Choice initially offered our client the very unsatisfactory compensation sum of £1,200. As she was still suffering from the symptoms of the Salmonella infection, Simpson Millar advised her to decline the offer. Simpson Millar’s travel lawyers arranged for the client to see a Consultant Gastroenterologist who prepared a medical report detailing the extent of her continuing symptoms.

Holiday Hotel Watch

The medical expert advised that our client was suffering from severe and prolonged salmonella gastroenteritis, as well as continuing post-infective irritable bowel syndrome. The report concluded that the distressing symptoms were expected to continue for a further three years. The consultant confirmed the ongoing symptoms and incubation period for salmonella and suggested that it was beyond reasonable doubt the hotel was the source of the infection.

Compensation for Holiday Food Poisoning

Simpson Millar’s expert holiday claims team sent the medical report to First Choice along with details of our client’s claim for the illness she had experienced while staying at the Red Sea Holiday Village.

Our client’s claim included compensation for loss of enjoyment of her holiday, her out-of-pocket expenses, medical and care fees, loss of earnings and the pain she had suffered.

Following negotiation with First Choice Simpson Millar managed to secure the sum of £11,000 in compensation. As the case had been accepted on ‘No Win, No Fee’ terms the other side paid our client’s legal costs, meaning she kept 100% of her compensation.

If you have developed salmonella food poisoning on a package holiday, call Simpson Millar’s friendly team of specialist holiday claims solicitors or complete the online enquiry form.

Dated: 15/05/2013