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Red Sea Holiday Village Victory! - £5,000 Illness Compensation


A Father who went on holiday with his family to the all-inclusive Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt and returned home suffering with a severe gastric illness has received £4,817.78 compensation from First Choice.

Gastric Illness Compensation

Mr Lee was infected with a severe gastric illness, which can be contracted through contaminated swimming pool and drinking water or incorrectly prepared are heated hotel food.

Mr Lee experienced violent bouts of diarrhoea, crippling stomach cramps and vomiting on the second day of his holiday which continued well after he returned home. Many members of his travelling party also fell ill too.

Mr Lee called Simpson Millar Solicitors’ expert Travel Team for help in making a holiday illness compensation claim. Paul Stevens, Group Travel Litigation Claims Manager was able to help and take Mr Lee’s case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

Horrendous Hotel Conditions

Paul Stevens said, “Mr Lee was not the only member of his family to fall ill, as several other members of his party of 14 also became ill. More worryingly, there were many other hotel guests that also suffered with illness as a result of staying at the Red Sea Holiday Village.

The standards of health and hygiene in the hotel were simply unacceptable. The swimming pool was not cleaned correctly during Mr Lee’s stay. Children’s faecal accidents were witnessed in the water and were not safely removed and the swimming pools were not closed for long enough so that they could be thoroughly cleaned.”

Very Pleased

Mr Lee remarked on the service he had received from Simpson Millar’s specialist Holiday Illness Compensation Claims Lawyers and simply said; “Excellent”.

I was very pleased with all aspects of this claim.”

No Worries!

Mr Lee was able to pursue his holiday illness claim with Simpson Millar Solicitors under a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.

This funding arrangement allowed Mr Lee peace of mind. He could be assured that he was protected from paying the other sides costs in the event that his claim was unsuccessful.

Mr Lee was also guaranteed to receive all the compensation if his holiday illness claim was successful. Mr Lee received every single penny of the £4,817.78 compensation agreed.

Egypt Hotel Horror Stories

Have you ever had a bad experience whilst on holiday in Egypt with accident or illness?

Simpson Millar’s expert travel team have extensive experience in dealing with holiday illnesses contracted at hotels in Egypt, including the Tropicana Grand Azure; the Savita Resort and Spa; the Jaz Mirabel; the Sunrise Makadi Bay Hotel and the Sunrise Tirana Aqua Park.

Holidaymakers who have travelled to Egypt and have suffered with illness have in many cases contracted illnesses such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, E-Coli, Cryptosporidium and Shigella.

If your holiday to Egypt has been ruined by a holiday illness and sickness then contact the travel team today to enquire about making a holiday illness compensation claim.

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Dated: 23/05/2012