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Over £5000 in Compensation for Egyptian Stomach Bug!


A lady from Ashford in Kent was awarded over £5000 in Holiday Compensation following a bout of “Egyptian Tummy” at the First Choice Holiday Village in Sharm El Sheikh.

Illness Compensation

After experiencing symptoms including diarrhoea, stomach cramps and nausea, Mrs Thompson was diagnosed with Cryptosporidium following her stay in Egypt. Mrs Thompson appointed the Simpson Millar Travel Law Team to represent her in claim against First Choice Holidays for the ruined holiday.

What is Egyptian Tummy?

“Egyptian Tummy” or “Pharaoh’s revenge” is the generic phrase used to describe the range of illnesses that affect the digestive system while on holiday in Egypt. Symptoms usually include vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, fever and stomach cramps.

The cause of Egyptian stomach bugs is usually contaminated food or water. In Mrs Thompson’s case the cause was most likely Cryptosporidium in the swimming pool at the Red Sea Holiday Village.

However other causes of illness commonly contracted on holiday include Salmonella, E. coli and Shigella dysentery – all of which were contracted by people that stayed at the First Choice Holiday Village.

First Choice Successfully Sued for Holiday Illness

Because her holiday was ruined by the illness Mrs Thompson and her son, who was also ill, instructed Simpson Millar to help her claim compensation against First Choice not only for the ruined holiday, but for the pain and suffering experienced as well.

Her son did was not diagnosed with Cryptosporidium. However because he also experienced similar symptoms to his mother it was determined that Cryptosporidium from the Holiday Village swimming pool was the most likely candidate for his illness as well.

Praise for Simpson Millar Holiday Illness Claims Manager

Following the prompt settlement of her claim, Mrs Thompson commented on staff that represented her advising that she was “Very impressed with Paul Stevens”.

Paul, Group Illness Claims Manager at Simpson Millar, specialises in helping groups of people claim compensation from tour operators. He was able to add Mrs Thompson and her son in a group action against First Choice for the illness suffered.

As with all of the customers represented by Simpson Millar’s travel team, Mrs Thompson received 100 per cent of the compensation.

Can I Claim Compensation Against First Choice for Cryptosporidium?

If you do contract Cryptosporidium on a First Choice Holiday or any other holiday, please do not hesitate to contact Simpson Millar who have experienced holiday lawyers for a free telephone consultation for advice about claiming compensation.

Not only can the law be complex but also issues of matters relating to swimming pool engineering may arise that Simpson Millar have the experience to deal with. Simpson Millar can do all the hard work in order to maximise your chances of making a successful claim against the travel company.

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Dated: 02/03/2012