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Cruise Ship Accident - £2,750 Compensation Victory!


A lady who travelled with her husband and a group of friends on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Equinox has won £2,750 in compensation following an Holiday Accident that occurred on board the ship.

Holiday Accident Compensation

Mrs Kiely was attending a show on board the ship when she slipped and fell on a wet and slippery deck injuring her back.

Mrs Kiely asked Simpson Millar Solicitors’ expert Travel Team for help in making an accident compensation claim for her cruise ship accident. James Blower, Senior Holiday Claims Specialist was able to assist Mrs Kiely and take her case on, under ‘No Win, No Fee’ terms.

No warning!

James Blower commented, “The ship’s staff carried out the dangerous practice of washing down the decks, by simply throwing buckets of water onto the deck and then letting the sun dry up the water.

There were never any warning signs displayed alerting the ship’s guests to the presence of water on the decks. On this occasion the water had not dried by the evening and Mrs Kiely, as she was making her way to see one of the on-board shows, suddenly slipped and fell and injured herself.”

Professional and Helpful

Mrs Kiely described the service she had received from Simpson Millar’s expert Holiday Accident Compensation Claims Specialists as, “Very Professional.”

James Blower was, “Very helpful.” I would definitely recommend Simpson Millar to other people looking to make Cruise ship accident compensation claims.

Holiday Accident Compensation Claims

For a specialist holiday accident expert to proceed with your compensation claim against the holiday Tour Operator the holiday has to have been booked as part of a package of flights, transfers and accommodation in one all inclusive price. The accident you have suffered must also be the fault of the Tour Operator and/or their representatives such as staff at the hotel you are staying in or the cruise ship you have boarded.

If you have had an accident abroad and suffered an injury as a result of that accident then you should contact Simpson Millar’s specialist team of holiday accident compensation claim lawyers who will be able to help you pursue a claim for compensation on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Simpson Millar are a national law firm with Holiday Claims Specialists in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Wimbledon, Sheffield, Bristol, Lancaster and Gateshead.

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Dated: 23/02/2012