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Care and Assistance Claims Against Tour Operators


What is a Claim for "Care"?

Care has a special meaning when making a Holiday Accident Compensation Claim. If you have had an accident or illness while on holiday and have needed someone to look after you, you may be entitled to claim back compensation, regardless of whether or not you have paid your carer.

Remember you can only claim against your tour operator if they are at fault.

If you have paid a carer to help you with activities that you were able to do before your accident, such as cooking, cleaning, dressing and even tasks like shopping, you can claim back the amount that you have paid them if it is reasonable. Remember to keep receipts of any payments to carers, as you will require evidence

More often than not, you may have a relative or close friend that provides assistance with activities you would otherwise have been able to do had you not had your accident. In this situation, you can still claim back the compensation for the additional care that you require. You can do this by calculating the amount of time your relative or friend spends providing you with care and apply an hourly rate.

For an illness, you can make a claim for what is known as "gratuitous care". This usually applies to family members who provide comfort and general assistance to other family members while they are ill. Paul Stevens, Travel Claims Manager at Simpson Millar, was involved in a groundbreaking case (that tour operator attempted to fight!) in which family members were awarded £50 per week for gratuitous care.

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