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Campsite Injury Compensation Claims


Have you Been Injured at a Campsite in France or any Other European Destination?

Simpson Millar Solicitors have a dedicated Travel Law Team that help people that suffer accidents in foreign destinations. One of the niche areas in which we specialise in is assisting with compensation claims for holidaymakers that are injured at overseas campsites and hotels.

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Overseas Campsite Safety

We tend to find that many people that suffer accidents at campsites do not realise that they can claim compensation against the organisers of their holiday in the UK. The reason they can do this is because those responsible for organising campsite holidays are often caught out by the 1992 Package Travel Regulations.

Holiday Accident

Essentially if the organiser of the holiday has arranged for two or more services such as the provision of the campsite, ferry crossings and the services of a courier it will mean that they are responsible for your safety.

In practice this means that providers of camping holidays such as Keycamp, Eurocamp and Canvas Holidays will be responsible for the safety of the campsite and the ferry crossing - and if something goes wrong you can claim compensation against the travel company in the UK.

How we can Help You

Our dedicated holiday lawyers have the expertise that can help you successfully claim compensation against your campsite organiser.

In a recent case we dealt with our client won substantial compensation for an accident on a Keycamp holiday due to a failure by the operators of the campsite to comply with French planning codes.

One of our specialist lawyers took on the claim despite other firms giving it poor prospects and did all the hard work including preparing the legal documents and negotiating settlement once the solicitors representing Keycamp felt there were good prospects of our client’s claim succeeding.

We can be contacted today for advice about how we can assist with a compensation claim against your travel company for a “no-strings-attached” telephone consulation.

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What kind of Campsite Accidents can I Claim for?

You can claim compensation when the organiser of your camping holiday or the operators of the campsite or ferry crossing could have done something to prevent your accident from happening. Examples include:

  • Trips slips and falls due to hazards such as disguised tent pegs or discarded paving slabs
  • Trips and slips in dimly lit areas
  • Injuries caused by damaged mobile homes or caravans
  • Failure by your campsite operator or your courier to warn you about defective areas of the campsite
  • Poorly maintained public areas of the campsite including the shower blocks, swimming pool or other leisure facilities

How Can I make a Claim?

If you are thinking about making a claim for an injury suffered at a campsite we suggest that you contact one of our overseas accident lawyers today for a free telephone consultation. We will provide advice about the likely value of your claim and advise you about the prospects of you claim succeeding.

You can contact us by giving us a call or you can send us an email and we will call you at a time that is convenient.