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British Airways Complaints - Airline Accident and Compensation Claims against BA


While we all hope for perfect travel arrangements in which our flight departs on time, with a smooth take off and little or no turbulence, unfortunately, it is inevitable that a small number of travellers have the need to make a Holiday Compensation Claim against an airline.

British Airways are one of the biggest UK carriers and will inevitably attract higher volumes of complaints than some of the other smaller airlines.

The specialist Simpson Millar Travel Law team can help you make a claim against British Airways if you have experienced an accident or injury on board their flights or when boarding.

If you want to claim against BA for problems such as delay, lost luggage, cancellation and re-routing you can easily do that yourself and are best advised to contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for guidance.

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What to do if you have a complaint with British Airways

It is vital that when buying a ticket that you are fully aware of the type of ticket you are booking. You should check details of your seat pitch, in-flight entertainment and the type of ticket you are purchasing before you book – if you think your flight arrangements may change, make sure you book a ticket type that enables you to do so with little or no charge.

If you have booked a package holiday with British Airways or accommodation, make sure you print off a description of what you have booked before you leave.

If, once you arrive at the airport, your BA flight is cancelled or delayed, make sure you take notes and photographs of your experience. For example, if the departure board says that your flight is cancelled, take a photograph of that board. Keep details of the exact time that your flight departs, as, dependent on the duration of the delay, you may be able to claim more compensation.

If there are any problems on board the aircraft, again, take photographs and ask for a complaint form from the BA cabin crew.

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Register your complaint with British Airways as soon as you are able to do so.

What if I have an accident on board a BA Flight?

People are always surprised about things that they can claim compensation for due to aircraft accidents.

While you may think that you cannot Claim Compensation against airlines due to injuries caused by turbulence, with the right airline lawyer, you could make a successful Holiday Compensation Claim. For example, we are now acting for someone injured on a Monarch Flight who was tossed up in the air during a period of turbulence. Monarch admitted liability within a week or so of them receiving the claim.

A successful claim was made against British Airways by a child for ear ache due to a sudden drop in cabin pressure.

You can also Claim Compensation for more common injuries such as objects falling on you from the overhead lockers and scolding injuries caused by cabin crew accidently pouring hot tea or coffee over you.

How do I start my Compensation Claim against British Airways

For accidents and injuries on board aircrafts or while embarking and disembarking from the plane, we recommend that you contact us to discuss whether we can help you make a personal injury claim.

There are processes that should be followed to make a successful claim, which include complying with the Civil Procedure Rules and instructing medical experts. We can also advise you about the international conventions such as the Montreal Convention and Warsaw Convention that give powerful rights to UK passengers that have had accidents on planes.

Who we have helped - Simpson Millar Airline Compensation Lawyers

Mr. Elgar, who we were successful in claiming compensation for, said that Simpson Millar were dedicated to successfully resolving his claim.

Mrs. Inglis remarked about the “first class professional and friendly service” offered by Simpson Millar.

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