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Despite the economic climate, overseas holidays remain popular and overseas travel for business and non-leisure related purposes is on the increase as well. Thomas Cook PLC alone reported that, it had 20 million customers for the year ending 30 September 2013.

What could go wrong?

All too often things can and do go wrong and travellers are left to cope with injuries or symptoms of illness through no fault of their own. Sometimes these injuries or illnesses can have short term effects, on other occasions they may be more permanent and disabling in nature.

Holidaymakers and overseas travellers may well be entitled to claim compensation for their injury or illness, their ruined holiday and for their consequential losses, including medical fees, insurance excess fees, lost earnings, transport fees and care. is a trading style of Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors – A nationwide law firm with over 150 years of experience – and can offer help and assistance to those who have suffered the effects of an overseas journey that has resulted in illness or injury.

At there is a dedicated team of Travel and Holiday Law experts that deal exclusively with claims that involve an overseas element. The team has extensive experience of dealing with tour operators, insurers, airlines and cruise operators and is comprised predominantly of ex-tour operator staff with extensive knowledge of the travel industry.

The team can assist with a wide variety of holiday complaints and provide free initial advice to all. Examples of common problems that the team assists with include:

  • Holiday illnesses caused by poor hygiene practices and the serving of contaminated food and drink – ie salmonella, e.coli and campylobacter;
  • Illnesses caused by poorly maintained swimming pool or spa facilities, ie cryptosporidium and giardia;
  • Slip, trip and fall injuries caused by a hotel’s negligence, such as a failure to clear away hazards or to warn of wet floors;
  • Injuries caused by defective facilities, such as swimming pool accidents, water slide incidents, lift accidents, glass door and balcony accidents;
  • Road Traffic Accidents that take place on transfers or pre-arranged excursions;
  • Road Traffic Accidents that take place in the EU whilst driving or being a passenger in a vehicle or whilst using public transport or taxi services;
  • Injuries sustained on-board flights or on cruises.

Claims against tour operators, cruise companies, airlines and foreign insurers can sometimes be complex and can raise issues of foreign standards, laws and jurisdiction. This may put those that legitimately deserve compensation off claiming the compensation to which they deserve. It is our aim to make the process as simple and as user friendly as possible and to achieve the best possible results for the people that we assist.

We offer jargon free, straight forward and honest advice. An initial consultation can be provided free of any charge and "No win no fee" funding arrangements can usually be offered. We pride ourselves on being transparent when it comes to funding and costs.

If you have been injured or believe that you have suffered an illness whilst overseas, why not contact us by phone or by using the enquiry form on this website to see whether you are able to claim compensation.

"It is our aim to make the process of claiming compensation as straight forward and as painless as possible. We believe in being honest and transparent and strive to get the best possible results." - Head of International Travel Law – Nick Harris